Everything You Need to Know About the Era of Mobile Apps

Everything You Need to Know About the Era of Mobile Apps

It isn’t surprising to know that mobile apps have changed our lives dramatically within the last few years. Although some people feel sceptical about technology’s effect on society, we can’t imagine our lives without mobile apps. They gained immense popularity during COVID-19, and the market continues to develop every day, allowing people to perform almost any task just with a tap of their finger.

With all changes in the world, mobile apps help us to stay connected with family and friends, order groceries, book an appointment with a doctor and even check our vitals without going to the hospital. While other digital devices have also been popular, the growth of mobile app usage makes the market so vast that most companies build applications only for mobile platforms. More and more apps are rolling out daily and changing the world.

We created this article to help you explore how mobile apps came into existence and how they are improving our lives.

How Mobile Apps Came Into Existence?

It’s been almost a decade since Apple and Google launched their app stores. This happened in 2008 when the mobile industry had just started its revolution around apps. Reports show 10,000,000 iPhone users downloaded at least one app within the first week. In contrast, for the same period of time, Google got 50 billion users installing apps from the store. The key boom in the mobile app era was during restrictions, and the COVID-19 lockdown, as mobile phones became a must-have for most organisations looking to stay in the market.

3 Ways Mobile Apps Change The Way We Live

Mobile Apps And Overall Productivity

Staying focused and productive has never been easier. Thanks to mobile apps that allow users to turn off notifications, track working progress, schedule meetings and plan the week, modern people greatly benefit from increased efficiency at work.

In addition, most of these apps are designed for company use, like Trello, Hubstaff and Notion, so they not only boost personal productivity but can also help grow the company by reducing worries and unnecessary costs.

Apps and Various Life Spheres

Although apps have already benefited most of the life spheres, they only recently powered some that definitely required innovation. For example, mobile apps are now used by hospitals and private clinics to ease the booking process and offer telemedicine services. In addition, the EV market also recently welcomed different EV charging apps from different companies. They are specially designed for owners of electric cars looking for EV chargers near me.

People are also able to book all flights, and tickets to trains and buses just with a tap of a finger, boosting our life and easing most of the processes that have long been complex and highly time-consuming.

It Lets You Manage Your Health

The last but very impressive way how mobile apps change our lives is by optimising our health. Whether you want to just stay in shape and manage what you eat or you have a disease that should be monitored, mobile apps and connected dives are the way to go.

There are apps that allow users to manage their diet, calculate calories, find exercises based on their needs, get an accurate analysis of their test results, monitor vitals like blood pressure and inform when it is time to visit the doctor.

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