Here’s What To Expect When You Enroll in a Cosmetic Injectable Course

Here’s What To Expect When You Enroll in a Cosmetic Injectable Course

Did you know that you no longer have to be a plastic surgeon to administer dermal fillers? If you have been considering boosting the revenue of your practice by entering the field of cosmetic injections or dermal fillers you have come to the right place.

Today medical doctors, registered nurses, and dentists can now offer dermal fillers right in their existing practice. Being able to perform these services can be as easy as taking a short course offered by a licensed training academy in your area.

If offering dermal fillers is right for your practice see below for more information on the topic of cosmetic injectable courses offered to get you started.

Level One – Complete Lip Artistry

A class for medical doctors, registered nurses, and dentists, this cosmetic injector course teaches the techniques needed for creating beautiful lips. This course consists of two parts with the first being a two-day class with 11 modules to work through culminating in a one-day in-person for hands-on practical training. You will need to provide your own model to work on, so bring along a friend or family member for your cosmetic injectable courses.

Level Two – Cheek Structure Master

This course includes instructions for both dermal fillers and muscle relaxants. You will be creating sculpted cheeks to compliment the face of your patient giving them back youthful fullness. Again, 11 modules with one day in-person for hands-on training.

Level Three – Chin And Jawline

Dealing with the lower third of the face, the chin, and jawline modules provide instructions for you on creating the correct proportions on a structured chin and jaw for your patients. Instructions for dermal fillers and muscle relaxants are included.

Level Four – Advanced

The advanced course provides specific training on everything that you would like to learn about creating a youthful look for your client. This is a private course for applicants with prior experience in injections. You will decide on the course program and the duration of the training.


There are some precourse materials to help you prepare for the cosmetic injectable courses in the form of CPD consisting of eight hours of e-learning and four hours of practical training. There is a large amount of information available on the art of injecting dermal fillers and botox. It is recommended that you allow two weeks of e-learning time before your practical hands-on training day.

Member Support

As an added bonus all of the above courses offer access to the e-learning modules for a full twelve months and access to the resource vault where you have information available to you such as finding forms, videos, webinars, social media templates, marketing tips, as well as mentors to help you on your way to providing the best care for your patients.

Book Your Sessions Today

Class size is limited to six practitioners so spots are limited. Courses begin Saturday, April 29, 2023, and continue on until August 5, 2023, with five dates available. Find a date that fits into your schedule and book your session today.

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