Replacing Old Mirrors: Painted Mirrors And Their Benefits

Replacing Old Mirrors: Painted Mirrors And Their Benefits

If you’ve ever had to repair a car mirror, you know how challenging it is to find the appropriate replacement part, let alone paint it to match your car’s color. Nevertheless, a simple method can save you time, effort, and money: buy painted mirrors. In this article, we will check out the advantages of purchasing pre-painted mirrors to replace old ones. We will also discuss the replacement process if you want to do it yourself.

How To Replace An Old Mirror?

A cracked or damaged mirror requires replacement for obvious reasons. The replacement process is fairly simple, even though most people recommend asking for professional aid. Nevertheless, here’s a simple instruction on how to replace a mirror:

  • Buy the proper and compatible replacement mirror. First, you must order the proper replacement mirror for your vehicle. Note: you don’t have to limit your options to local shops; you can order online. For instance, sell pre-painted car details. Thus, you can choose a reliable third party or order from a manufacturer.
  • Remove the old mirror. To access the mounting bolts that keep the mirror in place, you may need to remove the mirror housing or the mirror glass. Check the instruction for your car or find this document online to understand better how to remove the old mirror.
  • Make sure the mounting surface is clean. When you’ve removed the old mirror, thoroughly clean the mounting surface of dirt and debris. That’s how you ensure the new mirror properly adheres.
  • Replace the mirror. Install the new mirror after cleaning the mounting surface according to your car’s instructions.

While replacing mirrors is not the most difficult process, professional help is still best. You should also verify whether the mirror is set up correctly so that you can drive safely. Consider buying painted mirrors to get a ready-made car body part. Thus, you don’t have to schedule a painting appointment.

Benefits Of Ordering Pre-Painted Mirrors

Most people order car parts from the manufacturer or choose retailers offering cheaper solutions. Typically, the process requires ordering mirrors, installing them, and then scheduling a painting appointment. However, a better solution saves time and money: ordering painted mirrors. Here are some of the benefits of this option:

  • Reduced installation time. Pre-painted mirrors are designed to fit your car’s model, allowing for quick and easy installation.
  • Affordability compared to other options. While pre-painted mirrors are slightly more expensive than unpainted mirrors, they are less expensive than having a separate mirror and paint job. The expense of painting a mirror may quickly pile up, especially if you hire a professional.
  • Precise color matching. Pre-painted mirrors are meant to match the precise color of your vehicle’s body. Thus, you get a better color match than painting the mirror yourself or having it painted separately after installation.

Overall, painted mirrors are made to match the color of your vehicle, saving you the time, money, and effort of painting them at a professional workshop. It’s a more affordable option since most third-party companies offer discounts and lower prices than those offered by a manufacturer.

You may use the aftermarket solution or buy old mirrors at garage sales, but it’s a risky solution. The best options are buying from a manufacturer and pre-painted car parts. As you see, pre-painted mirrors win the competition compared to other solutions.

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