Top Reasons to why you Should fix Your Chipped Tooth as Quickly as Possible

Top Reasons to why you Should fix Your Chipped Tooth as Quickly as Possible

When it comes to dental emergencies, a chipped tooth may not seem like such a big deal. In fact, many people believe that a chipped tooth is simply a cosmetic concern (only affects the look of your smile) and nothing more. However, this is anything but the case.

Choosing to ignore a chipped tooth or failing to get it fixed as quickly as possible will not only affect your smile, but it can increase the chances of your tooth getting more substantially damaged, and this ultimately leads to the entire tooth being compromised. If you don’t seek advice from cosmetic dentistry services or your local dentist, an untreated chipped tooth can turn into the root cause of many other dental issues, such as; cuts in the mouth (lips, cheeks and tongue), tooth abscesses, cavities, and nerve damage.

To avoid these problems, it is important that you get your chipped tooth fixed by a trusted dental practice who are trusted in high-quality services like dental implants Sutton. Still not convinced? Below are some of the top reasons why you need to fix a chipped tooth as quickly as possible.

A Chipped Tooth can Cause Increased Sensitivity

When you get a chipped tooth, the insulation between your tooth’s nerve and any of the food or beverage you consume becomes reduced. This reduction in insulation then leads to more sensitivity (or even pain) to cold and hot temperatures, especially in the area where the tooth is chipped. To avoid having to deal with this discomfort every time you eat or drink, you need to visit your dentist immediately after you get a chipped tooth.

Bite and Jaw Issues 

Another thing a chipped tooth can do is knock your bite off balance. The mouth is a precise system that engages in different types of motions (talking, chewing, swallowing foods) daily. This means that in order to ensure proper function, one’s bite contact needs to fit together in a precise manner.

A chipped tooth can cause changes to this precision. It can affect the way that your teeth fit together and impact the way you bite down on or chew food. An improper bite caused by a chipped tooth can result in an uneven wearing down of the teeth. It can also displace your jaw joints and knock your jaw out of alignment. Other issues like teeth grinding may also develop.

Risk of Decay and Infection

Ignoring a chipped tooth can increase its susceptibility to infection and decay. Ideally, your tooth is supposed to be a smooth surface, but a chip causes its surface to become rough, thus, attracting food debris and bacteria. Properly cleaning a chipped tooth will also become harder, while the build-up of plaque and bacteria, which causes cavities becomes easier.

In cases where the chip runs deep, the dentin underneath your tooth’s enamel becomes exposed, and this increases the risk of tooth decay and cavities. Treating this type of decay or damage is usually harder (root canal therapy) and much more invasive. Thankfully, it can be avoided if you get your chipped tooth fixed immediately.

Cuts to the Tongue or Cheeks

In addition to the possible pain from sensitivity, a chipped tooth can cause pain in other areas of your mouth. The sharp edges of the chip can scratch and injure your tongue or lips. It could also continuously rub against your inner cheeks until it becomes raw and painful. This can be very annoying to deal with if you don’t get the chip fixed on time.

It Affects Your Smile’s Appearance 

In addition to causing serious dental issues, a chipped tooth can also be a cosmetic concern. It can significantly impact the appearance of your smile and make you self-conscious about speaking or smiling in public.

The Injury Could be More Serious Than you Think

In certain cases, the injury to your tooth may go beyond just a chip on the surface. The trauma or force that led to your tooth getting chipped in the first place may have also caused some misalignment to the root of your tooth, leading to discoloration, infection, and tooth loss. By visiting your dentist immediately after getting a chipped tooth, the full extent of the injury can be determined and treated before the damage gets worse.


A chipped tooth poses more than just an aesthetic concern. If left untreated, it can lead to a number of other serious issues that will be harder to treat. Visit your dentist for treatment immediately after you get a chipped tooth to not only avoid these potential complications but to maintain the appearance of your smile.

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