3 Travel Essentials for Business Trips

3 Travel Essentials for Business Trips

If you are a frequent flier on business trips for your firm you will understand that there are some key travel essentials that simply cannot be done without on trips for conferences, meetings or trade shops. On a global scale there are thought to be over 445 million business trips made each year with the world’s airlines.

However, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have certainly had an impact on worldwide business travel and a full recovery is not expected to take place until 2027. Thankfully, it seems that the restrictions on movement globally in 2022 are less severe than in the previous two years. If you are planning to take a business trip this year and are not a seasoned business traveler, this article will be of great benefit. Three travel essentials for every business traveler will be discussed that help make the journey run smoother.

1. Take a travel garment bag

The emphasis on business travel tends to be travelling light. This has the distinct benefit of saving the business person time at airports when departing and arriving without needing to check in hold luggage and wait for it on the carousels. It is worth considering that business attire still needs to look highly professional and smart for reaching the venue and this can be a challenge when cramming clothing into in flight luggage. Frequent business fliers tend to take a garment bag for suits and other business attire so that it arrives in perfect condition. Modern high quality garment bags offer a built-in hanger and detachable shoulder straps making them highly portable and helping to minimize the need to iron business attire on arrival.

2. Portable chargers

Portable chargers are fast becoming an essential piece of travel tech for both business travelers and digital nomads. In 2022 most business travelers will take a work laptop along with a mobile phone as a minimum to enable remote working and the delivering of presentations. The key factors to consider when buying a portable charger is balancing their size and weight against the capacity of the battery. Ideally a portable charger should be able to power several devices on multiple charges. In addition, it is important to determine how quickly the charging unit can charge your devices as the speed of charging can vary significantly across different models. Here are some of the best portable chargers in 2022 to consider for your business needs.

3. Water bottle

Most regular business travelers are acutely aware of the often extortionate prices that are charged for drinks in airports and onboard flights. In addition, it is vitally important to stay fully hydrated during long business trips to ensure that concentration levels are kept high. As a result of these facts, many business travelers choose to take a high-quality water bottle with them to both stay hydrated and avoid paying high prices for bottles of water. Modern water bottles that are designed for business travel can be self-filtering which can make filling with tap water a far safer option, especially when traveling to foreign countries.

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