Accelerate Your Success: Strategies for Growing Your Auto Shop

Accelerate Your Success: Strategies for Growing Your Auto Shop

According to recent automotive industry figures, nearly 300 million cars, SUVs, and light trucks are on the road today. While many vehicles are newer and need few repairs, over two-thirds of the vehicles on the road are five or more years old. Those older vehicles need frequent repairs, and all vehicles require routine maintenance regardless of their age. That means automotive repair shops have a vast potential pool of customers. How can a shop garner a greater share of that business?

Advertising is Crucial

In the past, repair shops advertised in local phone books, in newspapers, by direct mail, and even on the radio or television. While those strategies can still fuel business growth, online advertising is the absolute best venue for advertising today. If you’re interested in growing your auto repair business, developing an effective web presence is a must.

When doing this, an eye-catching and practical website is an absolute must. These are the cornerstones of your internet presence, and an incomplete or poorly designed site will only serve to turn potential customers away. You can hire a web design agency to help improve your site, or you can learn how to use wordpress to edit or even design a whole new website yourself.

In addition to a website, owners are encouraged to take advantage of social media platforms to let more people know about their auto repair business. If that sounds like an overwhelming challenge, it shouldn’t. Digital solution experts help business owners develop effective methods to connect with potential (and existing) customers using their websites and carefully targeted social media use.

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Keep Operating Costs Under Control

Far too many business owners jump into business without knowing how to set a business budget and stick to it. They pay their bills and employee salaries but don’t have measures in place to analyze expenses to determine how and where to cut costs. Most experts recommend working with financial experts who are familiar with auto repair shops and understand the needs of shop owners trying to build a new business or expand an existing one. For example, today’s complex vehicles require shop owners to have sophisticated equipment to analyze issues. However, there some systems have bells and whistles even busy shops don’t really need. Invest in the necessary equipment, but don’t purchase equipment that won’t provide a return on the investment.

Develop Customer Loyalty Programs

Everyone loves freebies. That’s why many shops offer special promotions for loyal customers as a reward for their business. Even small things help. For example, give a good customer a coupon for a free tire rotation with their next oil change. Yes, the shop will lose a little money by providing quality service, but customers looking for value appreciate the gesture and are more likely to return.

Pay More Attention to Female Customers

Roughly 35 percent of car owners are women, and those women generally schedule their vehicle service and repairs. In the past (and even today!), many shop owners fail to address female car owners’ needs, which is a big mistake. Learn how to effectively communicate with women, and take the time to ensure female customers feel comfortable in your waiting room. Don’t ignore a demographic group that accounts for such a large percentage of a shop’s potential business.

Start Boosting Your Business Now

Even busy shops can improve their business, and the time to start doing so is now. The first step many experts recommend is contacting web design professionals to evaluate the shop’s current marketing plan and look for ways to improve its online presence. If operating costs are out of line, discuss the issue with a financial professional and discover the many ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality service delivery.

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