Discover Peaceful Daycare for Dog Owners in Battersea, London

Discover Peaceful Daycare for Dog Owners in Battersea, London

The Ultimate Daycare Solution for Dog Owners in Battersea

Owning a pet in Battersea, London, can be challenging. With the city’s hustle, finding a place for your furry friend to exercise and socialize is no easy feat. Plus, leaving your dog alone for long periods can leave you feeling guilty and worried about their well-being. But what if there was an ideal solution that allowed your cherished pet to frolic and play in a safe, stimulating environment? Discover 84 Acres Doggy Daycare, a countryside haven for pets less than an hour from Central London. It is complete with a customized doggy chalet and an array of activities to stimulate the senses.

What will Battersea dog owners find at 84 Acres doggy daycare?

84 Acres is not your average doggy daycare in Battersea. This pet care center offers an unparalleled environment for your furry friend to have fun and make friends. It is a truly unique daycare solution with numerous features, such as:

  • an expansive 84 acres of protected open land;
  • specialized outdoor enclosures with 6ft high, dig-resistant fencing;
  • tailor-made pet transport service.

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With their one-of-a-kind daycare, 84 Acres ensure your pet is always safe and secure while having fun!

However, safety isn’t the only thing 84 Acres Doggy Daycare offers. Your pet will have a blast exploring the tunnels, playing with toys, and socialising with other dogs in the farmyard. The custom-designed, climate-controlled doggy residence —‘Kennel Cottage’ — is just steps from the primary estate. There are plenty of areas to ensure your pet is comfortable and happy throughout the day. Plus, the micro-site is nestled within a vast 84-acre estate, offering your dog an unparalleled environment to play.

Why is 84 Acres perfect for Battersea dog owners?

Dog owners in Battersea can rest assured their pets are in good hands. 84 Acres Doggy Daycare is backed by insurance, full local authority licensing, and the highest possible rating. The pet care center employs full-sized VW Crafter LWB vans, allowing them to incorporate a double-door entry and exit system when (un)loading dogs near roadsides. Moreover, they provide spacious crates, fit with comfortable bedding, for enhanced ease during transit. The daycare prioritizes your pet’s enjoyment and safety by sticking to a strict one-crate-per-dog policy.

Say goodbye to the guilt and worry of leaving your dog for long periods. 84 Acres Doggy Daycare provides an unparalleled environment for your furry friend to have fun while you’re busy. The pet care center is safe and guarantees your pet’s comfort.

Furthermore, with its convenient pick-up and drop-off services available in Battersea, London, even those with the most demanding schedules can trust their pets are never alone for long. Let your cherished pet indulge in a day brimming with excitement and companionship at 84 Acres.

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