Knowing how to take care of your dogs is the ultimate necessity if you want them to have a happy and healthy life. While dogs may only be a small part of your lives, to them, we are their whole life. As responsible dog owners, it’s best that we provide them with wholesome and nutritious food that benefits their health because a healthy dog is a happy dog.

We know that dog ownership isn’t easy. This is why we decided to lay out some of the best tips you can follow to keep your dog safe and healthy.


A lovely pre summer night, walking up and down King Street, people (and dog) watching, dinner and cocktails. Rambling. Thinking about the future. Making plans. To take on the world.

El Bahsa Newtown

Dinner was at El Bahsa, a lovely little BYO Lebanese restaurant. Some yummy vine leaves to start with the bottle of Pike’s Riesling picked up from the bottle shop.So warm and tasty.

El Bahsa Newtown

Complimentary Lebanese bread,

El Bahsa Newtown

Rish went a seafood pasta, I went a seafood salad. Yum.

El Bahsa Newtown

Then it was off to show Rish the bar I’d gone to the other night. Corridor.

Corridor Newtown

Corridor Newtown

A couple of delicious cocktails, a minty citrus one, a coffee cocktail. Helped bring on the conversation, the dreams, the goals. A lovely evening.

What’s your favourite cocktail to kick the night off?

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