Are You a Cat or a Dog Person? Ask These Questions to Help You Decide

Are You a Cat or a Dog Person? Ask These Questions to Help You Decide

You’ve decided to get a pet, but now you’re not sure if you want a dog or a cat. And you might think you love one, but in reality, the other option would be better for you. Cats and dogs are both wonderful pets, and there’s nothing wrong with either of them—but they do have different personalities that suit different lifestyles. To help make your decision, here are some questions about your personality and lifestyle so that you can make the best choice for the season of life you’re in.

Are you neat and tidy or a bit of a slob?

Without training, dogs tend to be messier. They are more likely to drag things out of their place and make a mess. You’ll also want to think about the size of the animal you really want. Dog food for chihuahuas can stay much neater than dog food for a Labrador retriever because chihuahuas are much smaller. However, dogs in general are more likely to get into the trash and they are more likely to experience separation anxiety that can lead to big-time messes. If you don’t mind some extra cleanup, then this is no big deal.

Cats on the other hand tend to be tidier. They may need their litter box cleaned daily, but other than that, they don’t tend to make big messes. Having a cat tower or scratching post can even help prevent them from scratching up the furniture.

Do you like to be left alone, or do you crave companionship?

Are you more of a cat person, who would rather be left alone and spend your time doing your own thing? Or are you a dog person, who craves companionship and loves to have another living being around? People who enjoy more freedom are typically better suited for cats unless they don’t mind bringing the dog everywhere they go. If you want a pet to love on you all the time and need you and your affection, then a dog is probably a better option than a cat which may tend to be more aloof.

Do you like to talk, or are you more of a listener?

If you’re a talker, then a dog might be the best choice for you. Cats can be quiet and independent as well, but sometimes they will sit in your lap and let you pet them for hours on end without saying much at all. Dogs often talk back and you can communicate with them on a different level.

Why are you looking for a pet?

Most people get pets for either companionship or affection. And some people take on a cat or a dog simply because they had one of them growing up and that’s what seems like the most natural choice for them. However, you’ll want to ask yourself if you can handle a high-maintenance animal like a dog. Or if you need a low-maintenance animal that’s more independent like a cat. And if you have an extra stressful job, maybe a hamster or rabbit would be an even better choice for you.

Do you like to give affirmation and approval often, or are your compliments rare and special?

Dogs are more likely to need affirmation and approval. Dog people are more willing to give these constant praises to ensure their dog is well-trained and well-behaved. If you’re not up for giving treats and affirmation for every good deed, then you might prefer an animal that’s less clingy or needy for praise.

Cat people tend to be less likely to give praise and like the independence of owning a cat. Cats can be loving and affectionate, but they don’t tend to be as needy for it which is different from dogs that seem to need constant praise. Cats are more independent and aloof than their canine counterparts, so if this sounds like the type of personality that would suit your own sensibilities best, you should consider a cat instead of a dog.

Are you looking for cute and cuddly?

Do you want a pet because they’re cute and cuddly, or do you want one to provide companionship and affection? If your primary motivation is affection, then the best choice for you may be a dog. Dogs are known for their ability to provide affection—they love their owners fiercely and unconditionally in a way that cats simply can’t. Dogs also have an incredible sense of loyalty, which makes them excellent companions as well. While cats can provide companionship if they choose, and many do, dogs have been bred over centuries specifically for these qualities.

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