Unforgettable Short Break Destinations in Australia

Unforgettable Short Break Destinations in Australia

You should not wait for a long holiday to take a break from your hectic day-to-day activities. You can always make the most of your weekend to recharge. If you need a change in scenery, you can try short breaks Australia. In this beautiful country, you can enjoy fun things with the radiant cityscape or breathe the scent of nice fresh air on the coast or the mountain. If you are ready to experience this adventure, then you can choose some of the unforgettable short break destinations in Australia that will be covered below.

  • Glen Forest Animal Park

It is time for you to be out of your cubicle and reduce your time in front of the screen. Take a 15-minute drive from Port Lincoln, South Australia, and visit the stunning Glen Forest Animal Park to interact with the animals that live there. You can take a stroll around or just sit and relax while feeding the birds and other animals. If you come with your family, your little loved ones can feed the baby animals. You can also wander around 80 acres of vineyard in this park. They cultivate Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.

  • The Hilli Goat Farm

Come to this personalized tour that is organized by the locals in the neighbourhood. They offer the experience of tasting the artisan cheese they manage in the area. You can also explore the farm they operate in. It provides you with a different culinary journey, where you can witness artisan cheese production on this site near the beautiful Anson Bay.

  • Groote Eylandt

Abel Tasman, an explorer from the Netherlands is the founder of this island’s name. Similar to the reference to its name “Great Island”, Groote Eylandt is the third biggest island in Australia. From Darwin, its location is approximately 630 kilometres to the east. So you have to spend 1.5 hours on a flight from Darwin or 40 minutes flight from Nhulunbuy. With the stunning shorelines, clear waterways, and plenty of fish that welcome you to the island, It is a wonderful scenery that can guarantee you peace and a joyful trip.

  • Riverboat Postman – Hawkesbury

if you are comfortable on the water without experiencing seasickness, you can try the legendary Riverboat Postman trip. It is a one-hour trip from Sydney’s downtown, where you will see the clear and beautiful river. Moreover, you can also relax and appreciate the morning tea and light lunch on the boat, as well as be guided by the local skippers’. If you’d like to have a glass of beer or wine during the day, you can also get them from the fully supplied bar on board.

In Australia, you can always find many luxury tours that you can join to organize your short getaway itinerary. With the variation of prices, you can choose the one that fits your preferences and budget. As a result, you can let go of your worries and stress and enjoy your short break to the fullest.

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