Unlocking Cost Savings: How Takeoff Software Maximizes Efficiency in Construction Projects

Unlocking Cost Savings: How Takeoff Software Maximizes Efficiency in Construction Projects

For a construction company to be successful, they must make money. However, if all your jobs are going over budget or over their deadlines, then it won’t take long before the company loses too much money and goes under. Material, equipment, labour, creating bids; all of these can be costly, especially if they are not correctly identified and managed, but with take-off software you can maximize efficiency and unlock cost savings in all your construction projects. Let’s explore how.


It’s not a good look to be short on materials when doing a construction project, so many construction managers over-order instead. While it is good to have a little surplus to cover any unforeseen issues, having too much will dig into the profit margin. Using takeoff software will create a quantity takeoff that is accurate, reliable and fast – 80% quicker than doing one by hand. When you get your material quantities right you will lower your wastage and stay on budget.


As the biggest cost in construction budgets, managing your labor force well is crucial. With takeoff software you can easily breakdown projects into smaller tasks, you can see when milestones are to be met and what personnel you are going to need, where and when. All the communication, schedules and management can be handled from one piece of software. So, everyone knows where they should be at all times and the tasks at hand.


Another way money is wasted on a construction site is to have expensive equipment sitting around idle or laborers waiting for equipment to arrive. The take-off software can schedule and monitor equipment, let you know when they are due for maintenance or when it’s time to hire from the supplier.


Many construction jobs are obtained through a bidding process and to win the project you must offer the best bid. This doesn’t mean it has to be the cheapest, but rather the most accurate, professional, and best presented. However, creating a bid can be time-consuming, difficult and, if you hire a professional, costly. With takeoff software though you can create them quickly, accurately, and easily. The software can use previous similar jobs as reference, supplier links to get real-time costings, checklists to ensure nothing is forgotten and it can use intuitive thinking to avoid and prepare for changes or issues. You can add pictures, graphs, your logo and make your proposals reflect the construction company all in a short amount of time – at least 80% quicker than doing it manually. You can try a 14-day free trial or book a demo to see how you can save time and money with take-off software.

When staying on budget and achieving milestones is crucial to keeping profit margins then unlocking cost savings is a must. Take off software will provide you with the ability to unlock cost savings through accurate takeoffs, scheduling, management and more. Contact the team at Buildxact today to save time, reduce waste, win bids and improve your construction company’s profit margins.

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