8 Best Volunteer Management Software Solutions for Nonprofits (2023)

8 Best Volunteer Management Software Solutions for Nonprofits (2023)

A nonprofit organization depends predominantly on volunteers to contribute and take an important mission ahead. Firm support from the volunteers’ end keeps the stability and sustainability of a nonprofit to get successfully operational. However, entire dependence on human labor can cost you precious talent in non-useful repetitive activities.

As times have advanced to a large extent, volunteer management software has been developed to help such organizations get the most out of their hard work. These software programs facilitate organization operations in multiple ways. They make your work easy while allowing your volunteers to become more focused on work. Meanwhile, nonprofits’ goals become easier to attain than without volunteer managing applications. Let us see the eight ideal volunteer management software solutions to make you aware and understand the perks of having one.

Top 8 Volunteer Management Software Solutions to Assist You Better

While planning events, recruiting volunteers, providing training, giving access to resources for volunteers, and many other related activities remain difficult for a limited amount of humans, it can be done easily with a software solution. You must choose a volunteer management software that best suits your nonprofit’s requirements and has a fair budget.

1.    SignUpGenius  

This unique volunteer management software solution helps you with overwhelming tasks. The facilities, like the easy signing up process for volunteers, scheduling and sending automated emails, and tracking volunteer work regularly, count as the best perks of this platform.

2.    Better Impact 

Better Impact gives you resources to create detailed profiles of volunteers, virtual text conversations with volunteers, their real names, supporter control, and much more. A platform like this can help you reach as many people as you wish within a short time.

3.    Golden Volunteer 

The automatic tracking system of this software solution is unmatched. The geographical locations get recorded so you know what and how a volunteer performs a task. Besides, the security system of this platform proves to be the best as no data breaches are what they assure you with.

Volunteer testing is done to make the best ones win and get recognized for their work. The hierarchical setup of their platform allows volunteers to easily navigate to their group and get task updates without fail.

4.    VolunteerMark  

It is an amicable platform of rich services that allows you to schedule an event, communicate with volunteers, and maintain their records properly. It ensures to take back-ups that might be required when any kind of data is checked or evaluated.


5.    Give Effect

Get to know your volunteers and establish a familiar bond with them. This platform’s interface allows you to schedule, allot, and track volunteer shifts. Its detail-oriented CRM system gives a prolonged summary of the work done by your support team.

You can also create small and large group invites through their calendar scheduling service. It also allows converting a volunteer into a donor and tracking their progress according to their updated status.

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6.    Timecounts  

This genuine platform gives you innumerable assistance like volunteer application status, background checking of volunteers, smooth onboarding process, and combining original information with volunteer profile.

Weekly and monthly scheduling of events is available to inform volunteers of forthcoming programs and allow them time to prepare likewise.

7.    Helper Helper  

Here you get to know the live status of volunteers’ work and how they are progressing through the training. It also gives a seamless onboarding experience to volunteers to make their journey free of constraints and let them dedicate honest efforts to the most important work.

You can coordinate with volunteers and check if they need help with something or how their journey is going. In this way, you become more interactive with volunteers, which helps to retain them too.

8.    YourVolunteers

It is a free tool to manage your volunteers with services like – registration of volunteers, event scheduling, creating profiles of volunteers, and making notes of their skill set to allot suitable activities. It enables you to become free of tension caused by incomplete volunteer profiles or mismatching their skill set with activity types. 


Volunteer management software solutions can be your permanent companion if you recognize the needs of your nonprofit correctly and choose a solution smartly. Not only do they reduce human labor, but they also produce better quality and quantity work to save you from the unnecessary stress of daily operations. Besides, you get to know your volunteers in a more friendly way.

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