5 Unhealthy Habits to Avoid That Could Ruin Your Grades

5 Unhealthy Habits to Avoid That Could Ruin Your Grades

Studying is essential in the life of every student. When it comes to studying, there are so many study habits. Some are effective, such as getting professional help to aid in studying, creating schedules, and more.

Such help can be gotten from reliable platforms like https://paperwritten.com/buy-a-dissertation.htm. However, there are some unhealthy habits that they have picked up in their academic life that they deem healthy. These habits lead to stress and pressure, ultimately affecting their well-being and ruining their grades.

This article highlights some of the most common unhealthy habits students must avoid that could ruin their grades.

Pulling All-Nighters

This has become a routine for many students as they see it as a badge of honor, a necessary sacrifice they must go through to get good grades. While pulling all-nighters may have advantages, it is a very unhealthy habit that can ultimately ruin your grades. The drawbacks outweigh the advantages by a huge mile.

While it may seem like you are getting more information into your brain, the truth is that you are stressing your brain and forcing it to accept all the information you are trying to absorb. At the end of the day, you will need help remembering what you studied.


Cramming and procrastination are two common unhealthy habits that students often engage in when it comes to academics. These habits can harm their learning, performance, and overall grades.

Cramming provides short-term retention of information – 5% succeed, and 95% fail. The unhealthy effects of cramming include limited retention, increased stress, lack of sleep, and lack of understanding.


This is one unhealthy habit that is difficult to overcome and 8 out of 10 students are victims of this. Many believe that they work better under pressure. As a result, they develop this unhealthy habit of putting off assignments until the last minute.

However, procrastination does more harm than good. Due to the closing deadlines and last-minute work, your mind and body go through a lot. The unhealthy effects of procrastinating include high levels of pressure, low quality of work, missed deadlines, increased stress, and, ultimately, lower grades.


In many cases, multitasking seems like an excellent way to complete more things quickly. However, the truth is you are less productive as you are less focused. The result of multitasking is low quality. You can’t be doing many things at the same time and expect to get a high-quality result. You also stress the brain to switch between tasks without rest.

This is one habit students have developed. Due to the amount of assignments they get, multitasking has become a routine. However, instead of good, it does more harm.

Yes, you get all your assignments completed in just a short period. But mistakes are bound to happen, and the quality of work you submit may be extremely low, ruining your grades.

Listening to Music

This is a very common habit among students. Many students have stated that listening to music while studying motivates or improves their mood. While listening to music has its positives, it has its negatives. To be fair, listening to music is an unhealthy habit that can ruin your grades.

Various studies have shown that listening to music while studying does not aid in assimilation or learning something new. Instead, it takes up the processing or brain power required to read and understand.

When listening to music while studying, your mind is divided. One part of your brain is listening and jamming to the song, while another is fighting for control or focus. Students often have to read a line more than once to understand or put that sentence into their heads.

When it proves difficult, they close the book and give in to listening to the music with the thought of coming back to it. This habit (procrastinating, in a sense) could ruin your grades.


By taking proactive measures, note that your grades do not reflect your intelligence but the healthy habits you develop to get those grades.

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