3 Reasons Why Gamers Adore the Most Popular Online Slots

3 Reasons Why Gamers Adore the Most Popular Online Slots

The most popular online slots are popular for a reason – but what are they? Big names like Big Bass Bonanza, Gates of Olympus and Starburst are on the tip of any slot player’s tongue. But what makes them stand out in a market that is oversaturated, to say the least. There are so many slot machines that no one online casino can hold them all, so what makes the best of them stand out? Why are gamers such a fan of the biggest names in slots? We explore here.

The Near-Miss Effect

Slot machine developers like to use the psychology of the “near-miss” to foster continued play. With symbols and combinations that nearly align for larger wins, the player’s anticipation reaches great heights. Though ultimately a loss, studies show these close calls activate reward systems and trigger urge for replay similar to actual wins. By cleverly constructing reels and setting odds, designers control game volatility – and our emotions.

However, the best part of online gaming is the variety of gameplay features that allow this anticipation to climb and climb. A wild symbol on the board is hugely helpful, multipliers can turn a small bet into a big win, and the thrill of climbing the progressive jackpot can overtake any base game win.

Some of the best online slot machines combine a lot of these elements in bonus games, such as the Flaming Wild 27 bonus game which features an expanding wild symbol that stretches across the reels, turning many icons into wilds and also changing five lines of icons into 27 ways to win. All that, and it’ll trigger a re-spin. Some of the most popular slot games combine the basic gameplay features into fun mini games that could help you greatly if – and it’s a big if – you can trigger them.

The top tier ones come up with something innovative, like the Ramses’ Book of Rings slot machine, which isn’t a board but a wheel made up of icons. Rather than creating a payline, you’re hoping for the arrow to land on your icon.

Escape and Fantasy

For many, the ambiance of slot play offers transportation. Between visual animations, mechanical sounds, themed music and casino layouts, players can momentarily forget real-world worries. Combined with the relative affordability of slots for low stakes, regular players describe entering almost a meditative state. Add shared sites like Las Vegas that link celebratory escape with slots, and the allure of leaving troubles behind remains powerful.

Online slots in particular are really good at taking you on a journey. The best online slots are the ones that are memorable long after you’ve left the casino. They might have taken you to Ancient Egypt, the City of Gold, a goldmine, or simply fishing, and have the icons, background, gameplay and even music to allow you to be immersed in this world.

However, there is a newer innovation in online gaming that instead aims to immerse you in the casino itself: live dealer games. With a real person acting as a dealer streamed to your phone or laptop, you can feel like you’re really at the blackjack table. Instead of escaping to another cartoon world, you are transported to Vegas herself, inside the casino, with other players around you and the atmospheric sounds of the casino. It makes for a great option for players who perhaps can’t get to the casino due to travel or expenses but want to relive their time in Las Vegas.

Illusion of Control

Unlike pure chance lottery games, slot machines allow players to interact. You can interact by pressing buttons, touching screens, pulling handles, etc. The best online video slot machines replicate this with a big slot button for you to push, but more often than not they allow the gameplay features to make things more “controlled”. The player can work towards gaining a perk that might help them or climbing a progressive jackpot as a means of not only controlling the game but adding some variety to the game.

This ability to take action allows players to feel like they’re in control in a game entirely about chance. In turn, this might become something of a ritual to control their luck. Players might switch slot machines after losses or double bet sizes to “change their luck”. Such habits breed confidence despite random programmed odds impervious to human influence. However, Lady Luck is an elusive woman, and she needs to be seduced. If rituals and superstition are how you get her, then she might be on your side at the machine.


The secret sauce to slot machines is its innovative game design. By making sure that no two slot machines are the same, you heighten the thrill for every player with the wide choice of game.

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