10 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Trip to the Philippines

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Trip to the Philippines

The Philippines, the Asian country known for its numerous islands, is a top tourist destination for most travel freaks. From spectacular mountains to splendid beaches, you will find every element of nature in this beautiful land. However, if you are visiting this country for the first time, here are some essential tips you must follow!

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Top 10 Things to Consider While Visiting the Philippines

  1. Enquire About the Visa Requirements

Indians can apply for a Philippines tourist visa for 30-59 days. However, the duration may depend on the discretion of the Philippine Consulate or Embassy and your preference. Here are some of the requirements for a successful visa application:

  • Passport-sized photographs.
  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity from the date you enter the Philippines.
  • Accurately filled out a visa application form.
  • Income proof to ensure that you can afford the trip.
  • Hotel reservation and complete itinerary.
  • Return tickets. 
  1. Know the Health Precautions

If you are visiting the Philippines, taking precautions against Malaria is essential. Except in urban areas, the risk of Malaria is prominent throughout the year in areas below 600 metres. So, you should carry mosquito repellent, anti-malarial drugs, etc., while travelling to remote areas.

Besides, you should carry necessary drugs, anti-inflammatory tablets, aspirin, antibiotics, anti-diarrheal pills, etc. You can avoid drinking water from taps and opt for packaged drinking water for additional protection.

  1. Plan your Itinerary

The Philippines is a spectacular island country with an array of tourist attractions. With the beautiful white beaches, majestic mountains, and colourful cities, you have a lot to explore in this country. So, deciding the places you want to visit during your Philippines vacation is essential. Setting your itinerary beforehand will help you make the best use of your holidays, as you don’t need to think about where to visit.

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  1. Select the Best Season

The Philippines welcomes tourists from all corners of the world during the months between November and April. You can access even the remote islands and several other beautiful spots during these months. However, if you are planning to visit during the summer months, it is a strict “No,” as the scorching heat will make you feel uncomfortable.

  1. Carry Sufficient Cash

You must carry enough cash while visiting tourist spots in the Philippines, as local vendors may not always accept online payment. Though Mastercard and Visa cards are widely accepted in the Philippines, it is better to remain handy with sufficient cash to provide change whenever required.

  1. Get Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is recommended while visiting the Philippines or any other foreign country, even if it might not be mandatory. It provides financial assistance to cover your medical expenses, passport loss, flight cancellation, theft, loss of belongings, trip cancellation or extension, etc.

  1. Select the Best Accommodation

Being a prime tourist spot, the Philippines has many hotels and resorts with world-class amenities and facilities. So, while choosing a hotel, you should consider a few factors like budget, location, facilities, distance from the spots you want to explore, etc. You can seek guidance from your travel agent in choosing the suitable accommodation.

  1. Learn the Language

English is widely spoken in most parts of the Philippines, so you can easily interact with people. However, the Philippines has nearly 180 dialects and languages, including Spanish, Filipino, English, etc. Several locals prefer speaking in the national language, Filipino. You should know introductory Filipino for better communication while travelling to the Philippines.

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  1. Pack Wisely

The heat and humidity in the Philippines can be easily tackled with lightweight clothes made of natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, etc. You can choose loose-fitting clothes like swimsuits, easy-fitting pants, Kaftan, etc.

  1. Know the Safety Guidelines

Though the Philippines is primarily safe for travellers with lower criminal rates, you may encounter drunks or beggars roaming around in the dark. Violent crime is not a regular affair, but you should stay alert from thieves or snatchers. So, always keep your valuables protected, lock the doors of the cab after getting inside, use safety deposits for storing money or valuables, etc.

Apart from these, you should know the local laws and regulations to stay compliant and avoid disputes. Besides, you should see the address and contact details of the Indian Embassy so that you can reach out to them during emergencies.

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