Navigating the Maze: Choosing the Best Realty School in Virginia Beach

Navigating the Maze: Choosing the Best Realty School in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, a tourist destination, is famous for many things. However, have you ever thought of working as a realtor in this coastal city? The pay working as a real estate agent is good, and you can expect to make upwards of $80k per year.

However, before you can sell or lease property, you must equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills. This begins by enrolling in a realty school and completing the pre-licensing program.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the options available to make an informed decision.

First Things First

Tech has made online learning more efficient. You can now do full-degree programs without setting foot inside a physical classroom. However, brick-and-mortar classes still carry the allure of interactivity. Your first hurdle is choosing between online programs or attending in-person classes.

Online realty programs offered by schools like RealEstateU are a perfect option for employees planning to switch careers. They are more flexible and convenient as you can access the lessons from anywhere. But if you learn better through interactivity and can spare a few hours to attend classes, consider enrolling at a local college.

What About Accreditation?

Now that you have decided whether you want to study online or attend in-person classes, the next thing you must look at is accreditation. Ensure that the school is accredited by Virginia’s DPOR.

Accredited realty schools and programs follow strict guidelines as required by the state. This includes curating a quality curriculum covering all of the relevant topics and hiring competent teaching instructors. Enrolling in an accredited program will also boost your chances of finding a job at a brokerage firm after course completion.

Do You Need to Read Reviews?

Reviews and personal recommendations can help you pick better schools. You can find honest and organic reviews about the school on Google Reviews. You can also filter the schools based on their star ratings.

As always, we recommend enrolling in real estate schools with plenty of rave reviews. Focus more on what past and present students say about course and instructor quality. Also, check the students’ pass rates. Do many students pass their state’s licensing exam on their first attempt?

Beyond the Class: Student Support Matters

Getting extra study materials free of charge can help you understand the course content better, boosting your chances of acing the test. The pre-licensing program is 60 hours long, introducing you to diverse topics related to real estate laws, ethics, and marketing.

Some schools will provide free exam prep packages to help you revise the course content before sitting for the exam. Consider enrolling in online schools offering extra student support services like discussion forums and live webinars from industry experts.

What About Your Future?

Learning doesn’t stop after you have finished your pre-licensing program and earned your practicing license. There is more learning you have to do after becoming a licensed realtor in VA.

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, with new laws, regulations, and market trends emerging regularly. Continuing education programs will help you stay updated with what’s happening while ensuring you are ready to renew your license before it expires.

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