How a child custody lawyer can save time, money, and stress following a relationship break up

How a child custody lawyer can save time, money, and stress following a relationship break up

It can be the saddest and most stressful time in someone’s life when a marriage or long-term relationship breaks down. All the years of happiness and the good times can begin to unravel for a variety of reasons. Many try again after a short time apart, and while it is sometimes successful, there are other times when that special bond is broken forever.

While adults will hurt badly, it is even more emotionally distressful if children are involved who probably have no idea why mum and dad no longer love each other. Inevitably, it will lead to issues regarding who will look after a child or children once the separation is complete. It is always advisable to speak to a child custody lawyer.

The requirements of the children must become the number one issue to be considered and resolved. Occasionally, an amicable solution might be agreed upon between a couple, but often it is emotional and troublesome as both parties state their case. Even when seemingly smooth outcomes are agreed, there might be issues further down the line that will still require the assistance of a legal professional who is specifically trained to deal with such cases and will use their experience to deliver an outcome.

There are several advantages to getting in touch with a lawyer to deal with the ins and outs of the problem. First, they understand the law and it might affect either party, so they will try and find a resolution without heading to court. This saves immeasurable stress which often affects the child involved, while time and money are also saved. It is a horrible situation for all involved, so getting things sorted as amicably and as quickly as possible is a good idea. Ideally, the custodian can soon be thinking about some unforgettable short break destinations in Australia.

There is paperwork and administration tasks to deal with regarding custody once it is agreed that a relationship has no way back. They include an Application for Consent Orders and Consent Orders. Ensuring that they are filled out correctly is important to save time and a repeat process. It makes an agreement legal and binding and allows those involved to gradually start putting plans in place.

Once the documents are agreed upon and signed by both parents, then as long as they are approved by the court, then they become legally binding. They have the same effect as a judge deciding. Parenting orders may also be applied for, and again these become easier once in the hands of a legal expert. Perhaps, the guardian might suggest some family fun visiting a local park. Interim orders are often required which are put in place before a court hears a case if it goes that far, while final orders are decreed within a year of an individual making an application.

A relationship breaking up which involves children is extremely stressful and can lead to arguments and distress, so the help of a child custody lawyer can prove to be invaluable.

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