Some Important Reasons Why You Should Have A Business Card

Some Important Reasons Why You Should Have A Business Card

Even though so much of today’s commerce has moved to digital platforms, and business is more often done with a click than a handshake, there are still some tools of the entrepreneurial trade that aren’t going away any time soon, and maybe never will. One time-honoured business tradition that still holds a great deal of meaning for CEOs and salesmen alike is the simple act of handing someone your business card.

The business card represents both you as an individual and your brand, despite all the technology it is still a powerful and relevant way to make connections with potential clients and customers. Business cards are a great marketing tool that are cost-effective and simple to use. It’s easy to find professional printing in Brisbane that can set you up with a set of shiny new business cards! Let’s examine some of the ways in which this tried and true entrepreneurial tool continues to be a part of today’s business world:

Good First Impression – They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and a professionally designed, top-quality business card will help you make that happen! Being prepared with your business card at a first meeting will show that you are a professional who means business, and instantly raises your credibility by physically demonstrating your credentials.

Encourages Engagement – No potential customer ever needs to ask “How do I get in touch with you?” after you have handed them your business card, it has all of your essential information easily accessible in one place- your email, phone, and business address, as well as your company’s name and logo to help them remember your brand! Business is all about forging new relationships, and business cards provide a bridge that can lead to a profitable future for both parties!

Spreads The Word – When you hand your business card to new people you are spreading the word about who you are and what you do, it is a conveniently small advertisement for you and your company that they will carry away with them, and they may even use it to spread the word about you to others, considering you have made such a great first impression! Despite all the digital means of communication available now, word of mouth and personal referrals are still a hugely important means of creating important new business connections.

Conversation Starter – Suppose you are having a casual conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop or on a train, and they ask you what line of business you are in- it’s one thing to tell them, but it’s even more impressive if you also hand them your business card. Your card becomes the touchstone of a new conversation about you and what you do, and who knows where it might lead? It may turn out that this stranger on the train becomes your next big client! If you didn’t have that business card ready no connection would have been made, and the opportunity would have been lost.

So, if you don’t have a set of professional quality business cards ready to spread your word, you had better get down to that print shop and order some up!

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