Tilt-up construction is arguably the most popular building method in Brisbane today, and for good reasons. Tilt-up construction combines the durability and strength of concrete with extreme precision and efficiency that leads to infrastructures that are built better compared to conventional building methods.

It is not surprising that Brisbane property owners and developers prefer tilt-up concrete contractors brisbane building contractors brisbane. If you have plans to build a new project in Brisbane soon, and would want to know more about tilt-up construction, here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding tilt-up concrete contractors.

For Rish’s conference in Brisbane, we stayed at Oaks 212 Margaret. We were in a one bedroom apartment on the 12th floor.


The bedroom had a sliding door to close off from the living area/tv, and to shut out some noise, which worked well for me on the mornings Rish got up early to work while I lay in bed being lazy :p The bed itself I couldn’t complain about, a little more comfy than my bed at home, but I still managed to get a sore neck and plenty of bouts of pins and needles.

Contemplating the complementary pappadams

Silly us, we caught the Ferry to West End, and then walkde through the back streets to get to Boundary St. Oh well… got to see WhyNot St on the way, and earned our curries!


Bombay Dhaba was where we settled, with their deceptively large curry portions! :D

$4.50 for a garlic naan? Eeps. But we skipped rice and just had naan. The bestest way to enjoy nommie curries

It feels like such a Sunday evening (except, it’s not! and there’s TWO more days in the weekend!), sitting on the couches, reading, listening (well, rocking out to :p) Triple J Hottest 100, Volume 4 (disc one and two… Who else has fond memories of Underground and Pepper??) and making Pizza!

In Brisbane last Saturday night, we had an awesome pizza from Picasso’s on Edward, just down from our hotel.

The Cezanne – lamb marinated in lemon, garlic and oregano with beetroot, olives, crushed chick peas, spinach, pine nuts

Delicious, especially paired with a bottle of wine (Taylor’s Unwooded Chardonnay – I much prefer un-oaked… ) and Tropic Thunder… :D


Their menu is really detailed on the ingredients, too, perfect for recreating and making more pizzas and pastas at home! :p

Our recreation based on their detailed menu!With MUCH less cheese ;)

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