The Numerous Occasions When Occupational Therapy Comes To The Rescue In Australia.

The Numerous Occasions When Occupational Therapy Comes To The Rescue In Australia.

It is true that we all want to keep our independence here in Australia and especially so as we grow older. Sometimes daily tasks that we did when we were younger become somewhat more difficult as we get older due to issues with mobility. We all take very much for granted the fact that we can dress ourselves, feed ourselves and bathe ourselves but there are some Australians out there that find this incredibly difficult.

These are the very people who need to take advantage of occupational therapy NDIS so that they can live their best lives and can get assistance with things that many people find quite easy and basic to do. It is important that people can get their independence back after suffering an illness or a fall and so the following are just some of the many numerous occasions when occupational therapy comes to the rescue of many people in Australia.

  1. It improves your range of motion – Age can be a factor when you start experiencing things like arthritis or you are suffering from a stroke. However, may be due to a sports injury or surgery that needed to take place, the movement in your joints is not as good as it should be and so you can work with your occupational therapist to improve your overall range of motion. They will assist you in your range of motion so that you can do it without any physical assistance further down the line.
  2. It helps to manage pain – There may be imbalances in any part of your body where one side has to compensate for the weakness of the other. This will lead to increases in pain in that particular part of your body and so your occupational therapist will teach you about exercises that can assist. They will teach you about how to properly position your body to reduce any pain that you are experiencing and they will teach you many different stretching techniques.
  3. They can perform a home assessment – Nobody wants to have to move out of their long-term home to take advantage of assisted living and so your therapist will do everything that they can to make sure that you can remain in your home. They will give not only you but your other family members the peace of mind that they need and they will do this by making a proper safety assessment of your current property.

It is also your occupational therapists job to make sure that caregivers are properly trained when it comes to the challenges that you are currently experiencing. They will teach them to better understand the limitations and disabilities that you are going through right now so that they can provide you with a better level of care. Like everything in life, the earlier that issues are addressed, the more successful the outcome. Make an appointment today with your occupational therapist to deal with life’s challenges and the limits that you are experiencing with your abilities.

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