Why Disability Recruitment Needs To Be Part Of Your Australian Business Strategy

Why Disability Recruitment Needs To Be Part Of Your Australian Business Strategy

Customers in Australia want certain things from the businesses that they purchase from and one of them is a more diverse and fair workplace. There is a huge pool of talent out there that you as an Australian employer are maybe not taking advantage of but you can be sure that your competitors are. I am of course talking about the people out there who have some kind of disability that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the skills and knowledge that you need to come to work for your business.

If this sounds like an attractive proposition and you would like to push ahead with hiring people with disabilitiesthen you need to reach out to a professional disability recruitment agency. This particular service provider has been providing Australian businesses with a wealth of talent from this particular demographic on a part-time and full-time basis. There are so many different reasons why you should be hiring from this particular pool of workers and the following are some of them.

  • You get a much wider reach – Statistics tell us that here in Australia that it is the per cent of the workforce with disabilities are not employed at this very moment. That means that your business can take advantage of all of these people who are incredibly, have the skills and also have the knowledge to do the job right. You will need to make some changes regarding job applications and remove some of the barriers that are stopping people with disabilities applying.
  • It helps to grow your customer base – There are customers out there who will reward you with the business if you are hiring people with disabilities. Then there are the people with disabilities themselves who will also want to shop with you because of the efforts that you have taken to hire these people. Always remember that people with disabilities have a lot more hurdles put in front of them in their daily life and so they are more able to deal with issues in the workplace as well.
  • It helps reduce your staff turnover – Many Australian employees say that they are happier in a job that is more inclusive and they are more likely to stay for longer in touch a working environment. Other great news is that people with disabilities are less likely to want to move to another company if they are happy where they are and you have taken steps to make the workplace more accessible and easier for them to move around in.

It has been found that Australian companies that take the time to make their workplace more inclusive enjoy a much better brand reputation than of their competitors. Customers will actually make a point of dealing with your business once they know that you are in the habit of hiring people with disabilities. People tend to vote with their feet nowadays and so if you are not hiring people with disabilities then they might take their business somewhere else completely.

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