Visit Spectacular Singapore!

Visit Spectacular Singapore!

Singapore is a unique, sparkling jewel in the crown of Southeast Asian nations, a multicultural wonderland of natural beauty and historic architecture. The famed Lion City-State makes its home on a lush tropical island just below The Equator in the Tropic of Cancer, making it a nicely balmy location for visitors at any time of year, with the average daily temperature falling around 26 degrees Celsius. The verdant tropical climate does mean it can grow quite hot and humid, and one should probably forego visiting during the rainy season, but even then. Singapore is a charming destination for one and all, just carry an umbrella for the occasional warm showers!

If you wisely choose to visit Singapore’s friendly shores, be sure to make your lodging arrangements in advance with a high-quality hotel like our favourite, the Pullman Singapore Orchard, a historic and luxurious base from which to mount your explorations! From its humble beginnings as a small fisherman’s village to its current status as a world economic powerhouse and prized destination for the rich and famous, Singapore has always been able to protect its sumptuous and storied past while projecting an image of modern success and luxury. The incredible synergy of its many varied cultural traditions and peoples all working together in a unified manner make Singapore something truly special.

Singapore has a wealth of experiences to offer visitors, amazing cuisines, fresh sea breezes, and some of the world’s friendliest people will all guarantee to make you feel as if you have stepped off the plane into an enchanted land! Let’s take a look now at just two of Singapore’s most famed attractions to entice you to come see them for yourself!

Chinatown – The Chinese immigrant population form an integral piece of the things that make this island nation so very special. Today’s Chinatown deftly combines traditional and modern elements into something unique and exciting, with august Buddhist temples serenely resting next to some of the world’s most vibrant entrainment venues. If you want to experience a real Singaporean meal just stop by the many hawker food markets to sample local delights such as the famed and very healthy popiah spring rolls and sumptuous, but simple, clay-pot rice! You will be asking for seconds!

The Merlion  – As it guards the harbour the iconic Merlion of myth looks to the east, which is believed to be the cardinal compass point prosperity flows from, as evidenced by Singapore’s current glory! Featuring the upper torso and head of a magnificent lion and the scaly tail of a great fish, the legendary Merlion inspired the city’s ancient Sanskrit name, Singapura, which translates as ‘Lion City’. There is no record of lions having ever existed on Singapore, especially any with fish tails although tigers once did (also sans fishtails!), but the name ‘Tiger City’ wasn’t as catchy. It’s of no consequence now, the famed Merlion is beloved by all Singaporeans to this very day.

There are so many more wonderful things to see and do in spectacular Singapore, we have barely scratched the surface here, but we hope this glimpse will inspire you to visit us on our magical isle one day, we promise you will be glad you did!

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