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First appointment with the disability employment peeps

The appointment this morning was stressful, but because of the whole having to meet a new person and trying to understand what was going to happen next. I’m with a Disability Employment Services provider which means they can help me in more tangible ways than the regular Job Services Australia people could – especially since…

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Sharing my Story – #RUOKDay

So. This time last year, things were stating to unravel for me. I’d moved up to Sydney alone. Started a new job. And thought I could hack it. But, maybe that’s not even a great start for the most brazen and mentally healthy of people. Rather, me, who had only really started to find her…

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Why #wearitpurple?

Because Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer, and Intersex Teens are still looking to us adults and asking us why we have laws that discriminate against the person they see themselves being happy as when they hit adulthood. Because if I wasn’t with Rish, I may have been with a woman, and my relationship would be…

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I know what to do. A language assessment, speech sounds, some probing for stimulability, start setting goals, something that we can make some progress on over the next 3 months. In the limited time I have to work with these kids. I talk about what I have to do tomorrow. Smile, knowing that I’m going…

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On why I can’t drink at the moment

It would be great if I could stop at one. A social glass of wine. Sipping slowly, to make a toast. But my head doesn’t stop me at one. It goes “oh hey, that’s relaxing, I’m not so freaked out any more by this social situation. Let’s have another!” But 2 then won’t stay at…

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