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Peppermint Tea, old friend. #caffeinefreephona

Peppermint tea is something that I got seriously hooked on when I was first trying to figure out the best ways to manage my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Good for settling the intestines, but not for those with additional reflux. A wonderful wonderful drink, that I’m sure I’ll drink much of over the next month!…

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No Nuts Here! Allergy Riders – Allergy Friendly Food Labels for Home Made Yums!

So, you’ve gone to the effort of taking note of the allergies and intolerances of your guests. You’ve read packets, you’ve baked dairy/gluten/egg/nut free and you want to make it easy for your tolerant and intolerant guests to pick the right food for them. They could of course ask you what could be for them,…

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Gluten Free Apricot and Pecan Mini-Muffins (+ GIVEAWAY!)

What does one make when she has a box of gluten free self-raising flour, a bunch of pecans, and a year old tin of apricots in the cupboard? (Mini) Muffins! Yay! (of course just another excuse to get my apron on) Based on this recipe, I subbed the bananas out for apricots, switched the flours…

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