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My Dark Place

We all have places, some darker than others, where we are pushed sometimes. Or we retreat to them by choice, as a way to deal with the world. Sometimes entertaining those dark thoughts can make us remember that it’s not actually that bad, at least not always. A little bit of wallowing, and back into…

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Sharing my Story – #RUOKDay

So. This time last year, things were stating to unravel for me. I’d moved up to Sydney alone. Started a new job. And thought I could hack it. But, maybe that’s not even a great start for the most brazen and mentally healthy of people. Rather, me, who had only really started to find her…

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Why #wearitpurple?

Because Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer, and Intersex Teens are still looking to us adults and asking us why we have laws that discriminate against the person they see themselves being happy as when they hit adulthood. Because if I wasn’t with Rish, I may have been with a woman, and my relationship would be…

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Beyond Blue: Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month

Over a million people in Australia live with depression. Over two million have an anxiety disorder. With the right treatment, most people recover. We all experience low points or a little bit of stress at times, but for some people, that becomes the norm they operate under. Moving from task to task from day to…

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To write LOVE on her arms

What is To Write Love On Her Arms? To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA for short) is a movement dedicated to helping the fight against depression, addiction, self-harm and suicide. We are non-profit, non-commercial and non-religious. TWLOHA is people helping people, nothing more and nothing less. What do I have to do? Quite simply;…

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