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We’re all busy, but some of us seem to handle things in a much easier way. When you find that your home life is far too chaotic, it might be time to do something about it. Because alongside any home changes that might make things feel a little easier for you, you should definitely think about the changes you can make around the home too. Sometimes, you’re not always as able to handle things completely on your own, or in the same way that you’re currently dealing with them. So, you have to start making changes. But the hardest part is often knowing what those changes should be. So let’s take a look at five different things that could make your home life a little easier.

Getting Up Earlier

First of all, you may find that getting up earlier is going to really help you out. When you spend ages snoozing the alarm, and generally struggle to get up in the morning, you’re more likely to find it harder to stay motivated throughout the day to get things done. But when you get straight up, and get on with your day, you’re more likely to have a lot more energy. And, as a second benefit, the earlier you get up, the more you can get done. And what’s not to like about that?

Setting A Homework Schedule

If you find that you’re forever trying to chase up different pieces of homework, to then find out your kids have too much to get done in one evening, you’re going to need something to iron that out. Because you can’t spend every single evening frantically rushing to get things done. But with a stellar homework routine in place, you should find that you’re able to make sure everything is done on time, and your evenings should run a little smoother too.

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Hiring Help

And then you’ve also got your housework to think about too. Because we all know how quickly that can start to pile up. But if you’re always doing things late at night, or just letting too much work pile up and it’s stressing you out, you may need to work with someone such as Central Home Services to get it done. From specialist cleaners to even general tidying, you could find that hiring some help is exactly what you need to keep things on track.

Agreeing On Chores

From here, you’re then going to want to try and delegate a little. When you’re a mom, you tend to want to do everything yourself, but that’s just too hard to commit to. Instead, you should think about making sure everyone can agree on the chores they’ll take on. That way, you don’t have to do it all yourself, and your husband and kids can do their bit too.

Relaxing A Little

And you’re definitely going to want to think about relaxing a little bit more in life too. Because when things get on top of you, you can start to feel way more stressed than you perhaps need to. But by taking the time out, and enjoying your evenings more, you should find that life is much easier to manage, thanks to a little help from every other point too.


The Little Lioness?

A sprite?

A sex kitten?


I don’t know

but I DO know that I’m no longer having a public FB page.

The Little Lioness it is.




and a little Hello Kitty.

Like the page,

and keep up with who I am


I went shopping for a job interview outfit today. Because I’m a few sizes too big for all my old work clothes now, and because mum said she’d get me something so that I had it ready today. We shopped at Target, and she came out with pants, and I got a skirt, blouse and tights…. I was so close to buying the matching jacket, but that is so not me. *heh*

So, where did the last four months go?

December was a chaotic Hell and while the time since has flown, it seems a lifetime away.

Where has it gone?

What have I done?



Where do I start?

I’m still looking for a job. Part time, preferably. For my sanity.

I re-enrolled in uni. Master of Applied Linguistics.


Which means relearning Syntax. And how to write essays.

I still live with my parents, and my sister and her kids.

Which I’m grateful for after we nearly lost her last year.

I have a boyfriend. It’s intense and emotional and wonderful.

I’m still in twice weekly therapy.

I’m learning about me.

I’m getting there.

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