Japanese manufacturers of vitamins and mineral supplements have the advantage to truly focus on health and wellness in all its nuances as Japanese culture is all about living healthier for longer. Scrutinize the meaning of life when you open your eyes in the morning. Immerse yourself in the green of the woods. Getting up from the table before being full. These are Japanese responses to contemporary darkness, glimpses of a thousand-year-old philosophy that even mainstream medicine now faces. A philosophy that teaches you to age gracefully, which encourages you to slow down, which invites you to tune into the beauty of nature.


So, I scienced my way through trying these travel products, some with my dear Ezri above who was very certain on what she liked and didn’t like, and some with me and my own experiences of spraying things in my eyes and nose. Ezri, being my deputy reviewer declared that the “porpul” – Purple Apple Blackcurrent Hyrdralyte tablets – were the winner.

hydralyte apple backcurrent

So these guys were the best as far as taste went… “I wike it” being Ez’s review.

She also liked the taste of the “Frequent Flyer Boost”…. with the things you expect in Berocca with a touch of echinacea

long fight boost




I also tried the FESS nasal spray, whic on my stuffy nose worked a TREAT! Breathing before bedtime? YES PLEASE! Thank you tea tree oil.

FESS and murine eye mist

The eye mist was interesting. As an eye drop user from way back, I’d rather just irridate my eye, but this spray over the eyelid stuff would have been great before I was a contact lens wearer who could do anything to her dry eyes with impunity.

eye spray

What do you do to make travel less taxing on your body?

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