4 Important Nutrients to Look for in Vitamins for Women

4 Important Nutrients to Look for in Vitamins for Women

The health needs of women are unique. They have different nutritional needs than men which include getting adequate amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, these needs evolve over time. The needs of a newborn girl are different than that of a postmenopausal woman. When looking at vitamins. It’s important to find vitamins designed for the stage of life you’re in.

While diet and exercise have long been touted as the cornerstone of health, proper nutrition also includes supplementing when possible. Nutrient density in foods has lowered over time so that even with the best diets, some women can still be deficient in some areas.

You can learn more about women’s vitamins and find the best natural options for improving nutrition. A nursing mom will need much higher concentrations of nutrients like folic acid for healthy brain development, while an arthritic 80-year-old could need more calcium and vitamin D. Regardless of the stage of life, here are 4 important nutrients to look for when buying women’s vitamins.

Women Need More Iodine

One of the key needs of women is hormonal balance. Women have specific requirements when it comes to hormones. These not only direct their monthly cycles and impact their ability to get pregnant, but they also affect their energy levels, ability to grow hair, and cancer risk. The wrong blend of hormones for too long can put women at risk of countless illnesses that are hard to come back for. Iodine is a nutrient that is directly involved in the thyroid gland and the production of hormones. Look for vitamins that give you back the iodine you need.

How Folate Helps Women

Folate is the natural form of folic acid. Women who take supplements with folate can better absorb the nutrient. Too much folic acid will end up in the bloodstream and is harder for the body to process. Women tend to get iron deficiencies, and this is in part because there isn’t enough folate in their diets. By boosting folate intake, you can also improve iron absorption naturally. Folate also impacts DNA and RNA production in the body and is critical for pregnant and nursing women.

Calcium is Necessary for Bone Health

Good bones are built on calcium. Vitamins for women should have added calcium to ensure they have strong and healthy bones. Women are much more prone to osteoporosis and bone disease than men, so it’s especially important to supplement.

Get More Energy with B Vitamins 

There are many different B vitamins. Each of them has a distinct function but in general, they all work together in a woman’s body and impact their energy levels. While caffeine is a go-to substance for boosting energy, women might need more B vitamins. You can find them naturally in meat, eggs, and dark leafy vegetables.

Find the Best Vitamins for Women

Women need more B vitamins, calcium, folate, and iodine than most of them get in their diets. Even the healthiest eaters sometimes need a boost through supplements.

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