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YFA97G, no more :(

At least they weren’t ‘Feel the power of Canberra’ ones.



A lovely pre summer night, walking up and down King Street, people (and dog) watching, dinner and cocktails. Rambling. Thinking about the future. Making plans. To take on the world.

El Bahsa Newtown

Dinner was at El Bahsa, a lovely little BYO Lebanese restaurant. Some yummy vine leaves to start with the bottle of Pike’s Riesling picked up from the bottle shop.So warm and tasty.

El Bahsa Newtown

Complimentary Lebanese bread,

El Bahsa Newtown

Rish went a seafood pasta, I went a seafood salad. Yum.

El Bahsa Newtown

Then it was off to show Rish the bar I’d gone to the other night. Corridor.

Corridor Newtown

Corridor Newtown

A couple of delicious cocktails, a minty citrus one, a coffee cocktail. Helped bring on the conversation, the dreams, the goals. A lovely evening.

What’s your favourite cocktail to kick the night off?



December 5, 2009 · 0 comments

Yes, I may just be back from one holiday, but there are only 13 working days til Xmas break – shutdown over Xmas and new year, so I have from Dec 24 til 4th Jan off.

Hopefully I will have a car back and be able to drive to Newcastle! Yesterday afternoon the reverse gear made an awful crunching sound when I went to back it out of the driveway. I’m hoping the forward motion works so that, after my big strong males push it up onto the road, I can drive it to the mechanics for an expensive repair. Automatic transmission, I’m told, can be rather expensive. Merry Xmas, hey?

I have 494 photos and videos from out Melbourne trip to upload – gorgeous scenes, particularly of the area around the Great Ocean Road – but they will come in time.

In the meantime, here’s what Colgate sent in response to the Ant Issue..

Freebies from Colgate. Shall see if the ants get these ones