head stuff

Had a GP appointment today, to renew one of my scripts for my head-stuff.

A doctor I’d seen once before. For some reason I do better with the younger male doctors rather than any other group. I rarely feel under the microscope. Like I can talk fairly freely without feeling like I’m waiting for a hole to be poked in my story. To be told I’m overracting.

So, I go back to those ones. I have a couple of options now at the practice I go to at least.

And a script for my antipsychotics.

Gotta be good for everyone, considering I ran through much of what has happened since my last appointment in November.

Yeah, I’m doing okay.

Not great.

But okay, all things considered.

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I’m ok.

October 23, 2012 · 2 comments

I’m constantly tired.

(except for when I’m hyper)

But loving work, and painting my nails bright colours.

Energy isn’t extending to much else

and I’ve been avoiding any self reflection.

Stick with business,

easier that way.

Don’t think about the other stuff

until I find what can be done about it.


Big Day

October 17, 2012 · 0 comments



You know who you guys are.


Weary, but Ok

October 15, 2012 · 0 comments

Who I'm sleeping with tonight

I woke up well enough.

With my alarm, 6am, out of bed for a walk.

The sleepiness set back in after that,

battled off with trusty caffeine.

Which sent me buzzing a mile a minute.

Churning through visuals, making up feelings boards, supports for Where is the Green Sheep?, flap visuals for Where’s Spot?

Making appointments, for myself, for work.

Planning out the next few weeks.

Thankful for my Google Calendar.

No idea where I’d be without it!

Hit level about midday. Which was a good thing.

And was productive the rest of the day too!

Again tomorrow?


Hippo Warners Bay

Sometimes I can’t take a non-blurry picture.

Like when I’m out for coffee with a friend after a rough few weeks.

Her helping to get me laughing,

and telling me that there IS light at the end of that tunnel

even if I can’t, or don’t want to, see it right now.

Even if I feel like I’m running in circles.

Doomed to repeat the same mistakes.


How quickly can one nail polish change colour? :p


Another small step

October 8, 2012 · 0 comments

oct2012 001

Another small step.

Being listened to.


Here comes the next wave.


Let’s just bounce around

August 5, 2012

Morning walk, part of my ritual. Part of my sanity. Now adjusted to include an apple or other piece of fruit, to keep my stomach from eating itself before I can properly hit up breakfast.

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On why I can’t drink at the moment

July 29, 2012

It would be great if I could stop at one. A social glass of wine. Sipping slowly, to make a toast. But my head doesn’t stop me at one. It goes “oh hey, that’s relaxing, I’m not so freaked out any more by this social situation. Let’s have another!” But 2 then won’t stay at […]

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All or nothing

cat ears June 23, 2012

It all seems perfect one second Then two seconds later I can’t seem to remember that Remember that I’m on my way That it’s not as bad as it was That I have made progress That I’m not always this way And that I’ll snap out of it soon It’s like the two sides don’t […]

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June 19, 2012

On a train. For something different. Wearing out my battery. Texting and messaging. Reflecting on the day And everything I’ve been learning about myself lately. Smiling. And uploading dumb pics. How’s your cheap Tuesday looking?

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Billabong Retreat Sydney – Yoga, Mindfulness and Eco Retreat

Yoga June 5, 2012

Wow. Okay. Where do I begin to recap on a bliss-filled 48 hours at Billabong Retreat on the way to Richmond, NSW? Should I start with the delicious vegetarian food, the awesome tent I was in, the yoga, breathing, and vocal sessions, the tea ceremony, or the purrrty scenery? Shall I start with the food, […]

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Keep Going (progress = happiness)

Flutterby June 5, 2012

I need to keep reminding myself. Step at a time.

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(And Breathe) Pay more attention next time.

May 20, 2012

From a morning walk at Warners Bay Foreshore this week. That sinking feeling when your card is rejected at the supermarket. Because you have the money, but not on you. Not in that account. You call your partner to transfer it across. No answer. Take a few items off to get closer because you think […]

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Ways to soothe a pinkie

May 6, 2012

- Peppermint tea – Hugs – Hot showers – Brisk walks – Gentle touch – Hair stroking – Hair brushing – Squeezing tight **************** Don’t forget to enter to win an awesome Shanalogic necklace! Entries close midday, Wed 9th May!

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