The Importance of Jingles for Advertising Your Business

The Importance of Jingles for Advertising Your Business

Ever wondered why companies rely on jingles for advertising? Who hasn’t earned iconic jingles from Wendy’s, Apple, or McDonald’s?

Jingles may not be as prominent today as they were during the golden age of television but they still remain important. With the right jingle, you can turn a plain advertising campaign into a powerful branding machine.

How important is a jingle? Take a look below to discover the other benefits and reasons to invest in a good advertising jingle:

Easy to Remember

One of the goals of advertising your business is to get more people to recognize and remember your brand. A jingle can achieve this thanks to its structure. As people get older, it becomes easier to recall songs compared to static, displayed information.

Keep in mind that some people retain things either through visuals or audio. Some folks might remember your brand by identifying your logo or a product you market. Others, however, might recall your brand through audio advertising methods like a great jingle.

Of course, the fact they’re easy to remember isn’t the only reason to invest in jingles. They’re earworms too, meaning these songs won’t leave someone’s mind any time soon.

Jingles are Catchy

Jingles aren’t too long. At most, they last below two minutes long.

This makes them easier to identify and remember. It also means someone can catch their tune or lyrics after hearing it only a few times.

At the same time, this short runtime makes jingles catchy. A person might be able to identify the jingle upon hearing the first few notes. Creating a catchy tune can make a simple, short jingle into a viral advertising message.

Think back on the catchiest jingles from the past few years. Think of the advertising songs used by McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Geico, and Folger’s. McDonald’s, for example, continues to use the “Lovin’ It” jingle years after it initially came out.

They Work

Ever wondered why big brands like the aforementioned McDonald’s and others still use jingles? It boils down to one simple fact: they work.

Due to their catchy and memorable nature, jingles stick in a person’s mind. Being present in a person’s consciousness at all times can push them to take action. This could be visiting a shop to making a profitable purchase.

Remember that at the end of the day, an advertising strategy focuses on increasing profit. Gaining new customers, spreading brand awareness, increasing traffic to the company website, and building rapport with the public matter but are only secondary to earning. A simple but catchy jingle can convince people to visit a shop, purchase a product, or subscribe to a service.

Music Boosts Mood

Did you know that music can ease one’s mood?

A positive vibe can make a jingle even more effective. Again, look at the jingles used by McDonald’s or Dairy Queen. These songs carry a positive, uplifting vibe and this encourages people to share it.

Uncertain if a positive message and vibe affect marketing? Take a look back at the Ice Bucket Challenge. It was short, entertaining, and it carried an important message, focusing on spreading awareness.

Now take that kind of energy and transform it into a short song to accompany your commercials. People often look beyond the superficial imagery and will enjoy your commercials more thanks to the uplifting tunes and lyrics.

Effective Branding

If a jingle can bring a smile to a person’s face and convince them to purchase a product, why aren’t you using one to your advantage? It’s effective branding. After all, jingles are important because they immediately notify listeners what your brand is all about.

Branding is all about setting a message. It’s about establishing what kind of business you run, the philosophies and themes you propose, and building an identity your customers can connect with. A jingle is a marketing tool that helps build all these and more.

Viral Video Marketing

Do you want to make a piece of viral marketing material? You’ll need a jingle to go along with it. You could play the song before the video, during it, or after.

Regardless of your approach, adding a jingle will help people remember the contents of the viral video. They’ll associate the song with the contents of the video. They go hand-in-hand, after all.

This applies to traditional commercials and marketing efforts too, not only viral pieces. If you want to make a traditional Facebook video ad, you can turn it into a widely shared video by adding a jingle.


Yes, you’ll have to invest in a professional jingle company to craft something memorable and effective. However, there’s no denying how the jingle pays itself off in the long run.

Say for example you created nine different video commercials. Now you can attach the jingle and an animated logo at the end of each video. That’s one song for nine different pieces of marketing content.

Toys ‘R’ Us did this with their “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” jingle. They’d play it before or after advertising a new toy line. Every time someone would hear it, they’d immediately recall the brand, regardless of which commercial they see or hear.

If you trademark the song for your company, you won’t even have to worry about paying royalties. It becomes an intellectual property owned by your company.

Start Using Jingles for Advertising

It’s important to utilize jingles for advertising because of their efficiency in building a brand and sticking with your consumers.  Jingles boost people’s moods, they’re catchy, and they can boost your viral marketing efforts.

They’re also very cost-effective, ensuring you can use the same jingle for years. This becomes the case if you have a particularly catchy and iconic jingle that people attach to.

But effective marketing doesn’t end here. If you want to read up more marketing tips and strategies, we invite you to continue reading our other posts and guides right here, today!