6 Unexpected Uses for A 6 Monitor Setup

6 Unexpected Uses for A 6 Monitor Setup

If you’re considering getting multiple monitors then you probably already know that they’ll help improve your productivity by 20 to 50%. You’re therefore now maybe thinking about how to decide between two, three, or even a 6 monitor setup? The first step though is to review the type of laptop or desktop that’s going to work best for you. Click here to find more details about some of the best devices from the world’s largest manufacturer of trading computers. Although, don’t be put off by the term ‘trading’ because they are applicable for all professionals and gamers alike. In fact, there are other perhaps less well-known uses of these devices and their multi-monitor setup, as described below. Although, don’t be put off by the term ‘trading’ because they are applicable for all professionals and gamers looking to enjoy games such as Drift Hunters alike. In fact, there are other perhaps less well-known uses of these devices and their multi-monitor setup, as described below.

6 Unexpected Uses for A 6 Monitor Setup

1- Video Editing

Whether you work with videos as a hobby or professionally, you’ll know that trying to squeeze your timeline, bins, audio, and video clips on the same screen is simply painful. The great thing about a 6 monitor setup is that you can spread everything out. You can even easily work with multiple videos and sound clips.

The added advantage is that your device will most likely have an integrated graphics card. Regardless, you’ll need to have a good GPU graphics card power to support your multiple monitors. This also gives you great images and resolution to work with when it comes to your video edits.

2- Video Conference Interaction

This one probably assumes that you’re working with people who also have multiple monitors. Either way, a 6 monitor setup allows you to separate out the attendee gallery view and any content that’s being shared. This gives you the extra benefit that you can keep an eye on people’s attention span whilst reading out your presentation. You’ll also find it easier to make amendments on your shared content together. Assuming you use Zoom then this works equally well with Mac or Windows 10. Don’t forget also that thanks to your graphics cards, you’ll have amazing resolution to actually see people properly.

3- Expand your Mobile Phone View

Most of us assume that we’re limited by what’s on our computer or desktop. However, you can actually connect your mobile phone or iPad to your computer and 6 monitor setup. That way you can either create a nifty side screen or simply expand your device’s image onto a larger screen. This could be useful if you’re reviewing photos, for example, before actually downloading them onto your computer.

4- Marketing Displays

Generally, people connect their monitors to create one large display. Another alternative approach though is to keep each monitor working separately to showcase different videos or images. This can be very useful at a trade show fair. At those events, you can, for example, spread out the monitors across your company’s dedicated area. Each monitor can then show different product explainer videos or customer feedback images, for instance.

5- Your Personal Mini-cinema

Clearly, gamers love their 6 monitor setup but what about entertainment for the rest of us? Many of us play games as a hobby and we also often enjoy the odd evening off with Netflix. What better way to create the perfect environment than with a multi-monitor setup? You can also create a fun space with the right lighting regardless of whether you have Mac or Windows 10. Perhaps investigate installing something that switches between day-time work lights and night-time ambient lighting?

6- Upgrade Specialized Devices

Essentially, a 6 monitor setup can transform any device with a screen. Perhaps you work in a shop or medical center where you have to read off tiny screens? This could be the perfect opportunity to make your life easier by connecting these devices to a larger screen that also has better resolution, thanks to your graphics card. Even shop tills could be connected to a monitor, for example. Simply make sure that you have the right cables and connections. Luckily, it’s possible to find adapters for the common connections that tend to be HDMI, VGA, DVI, or even USB. Although, of course, you’ll have to check you have the right power supply for everything.

Final Thoughts on Using a 6 Monitor Setup

If you’re new to the concept of a multi-monitor setup then you might think they’re mainly used by traders and gamers. Nevertheless, all of us can benefit from a two, three, or even a 6 monitor setup. It can substantially improve your productivity by increasing your workspace and visibility. You’ll also find your video conferencing experience that much better. Although, you’ll probably appreciate how much easier your life can be. Upgrading any device so you can view whatever information on a larger screen can only enhance your experience. Either way, why not have a go at being creative and see what opportunities open up for you?

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