Microsoft certification: The definitive guide

Microsoft certification: The definitive guide

With the entire world locked inside due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, most people have been working in a ‘work from home’ environment. This has inevitably mandated everyone to become proficient in computer skills. From school students to college-goers to corporate or government jobholders, everyone has found themselves using various Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Microsoft certification platforms worldwide have served as the most popular mediums to undertake written assignments, spreadsheets, essays, tabular information, surveys and many more tasks. Thus, more and more people are trying to find ways to become familiar with all services provided by Microsoft quickly. Here, we will present a definitive guide to cover all your fundamentals about various Microsoft platforms and features.

Microsoft certification have the sole aim to increase your understanding of Microsoft’s database, desktops, software etc. The proficiency obtained through Microsoft online courses also boosts your resume and helps you develop a specific skill set. The Microsoft certification course offers the users an IT course that enables you to understand Microsoft’s Office ecosystem better and even more intricate workings of the system. The users would also gain some knowledge about Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence systems and modules. It is also important to note that all these courses are taken by Microsoft certified professionals.

What are the benefits of Microsoft certifications?

Undertaking Microsoft certification courses offers a lot of benefits to the users. Both individuals and corporations can undertake this Microsoft certification training to enhance work ethic of workers and individuals. Given below are the various benefits one might get from undertaking these Microsoft online courses –

  1. Improves your technical problem- solving skills – A thorough understanding of the Microsoft database and systems is essential in delivering professional and custom business solutions to technical issues.
  2. Develops the scope of your professional skills – Microsoft certification courses are issued by the world’s leading organisation. These programmes would make you a viable asset for your company and increase your chances of being scouted by potential recruiters.
  3. Helps your professional growth – undertaking the online Microsoft courses also portrays your dedication towards your work. It gives more incentive to employers to hire you or promote you in your respective job.
  4. Access to Microsoft resources – One would also be able to access features of the Microsoft system that would be unavailable to most of your peers and competitors. Access to more advanced systems of functioning would help you carry out your work more efficiently and in a much easier manner.
  5. Boosts productivity levels – Advanced skill sets also gives the company and a more efficient and valuable worker. This is an excellent incentive for business corporations to invest in these online courses to boost their employees’ productivity levels. The IT department of any company is the backbone of the entire corporation. These courses would give companies an edge over their competitors with more substantial IT personnel.
  6. Greater client confidence – A business client is more likely to give his/ her business to a corporation with more qualified employees. Microsoft certification courses provide this edge to companies, as clients would feel safer in handing their business over to highly skilled and professional employees. It also shows the clients that your company is more dedicated to its work than other corporations in the market.
  7. Improves the employer-employee relationship: Business corporations are less likely to outsource or micromanage their employees if they believe in their abilities. Employees well-versed with the entire Microsoft database, and infrastructure are more likely to be trusted by their employers.
  8. Maintaining the industry standards – Every industry maintains a set standard of functioning. Professionals with adequate industry standards are viewed with respect throughout the industry. A thorough understanding of the Microsoft infrastructure would only help increase its professional standards in the industry.

What all does the Microsoft certification programme entail?

The online certification courses entail the following skills/ programmes –

  1. Cloud computing helps the user understand the Microsoft Azure platform thoroughly with all its media and services. It also enlightens the user in matters of cloud security and how it is maintained.
  2. Mobility – An understanding of services like Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory is essential to increase mobility management understanding.
  3. Productivity – this certificate programme aims to improve one’s functioning in systems like Microsoft Office 365, making one more efficient in developing enterprise productivity solutions.
  4. Data – this teaches the user about Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions. SQL Server Certification is the primary service to study this course.
  5. App builder – this course would help app developers by providing a better understanding of development tools and Microsoft solutions.

Microsoft Certification Levels –

There are five levels of certifications available at the moment. These levels are –

  1. Microsoft Certified Technical Associate
  2. Microsoft Office Specialist
  3. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
  4. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
  5. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.