The Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals When Looking at Austin Homes for Sale in Texas!

There isn’t any doubt that Austin is booming. Transplants continuously move to Austin in record numbers, inventory is low, the rental market is tight, and sales of homes are off the charts. Some longtime Austinites, at the same time, overwhelmed by the transformation of their communities or simply looking for a change, are on the move.

That is why we chose three neighborhoods to consider right now for young people and professionals:

North Loop

The defining characteristic of North Loop is its namesake street that winds through the center of the community. The tiny commercial stretch—codified at one time as the North Loop IBIZ District—has numerous shockingly long-lived local record and vintage stores, bars, coffee shops restaurants, and requisite oddities like an anarchist bookstore, a quirky convenience store, and a women-owned adult-toy store. A less expensive and more easygoing than the neighborhood-proud and equally tight-knit Hyde Park to its south, Austin homes for sale on Bramlett Residential in North Loop have leafy streets and walkability in common.

Buyers are going to find traditional, small houses originally constructed in the ‘40s—some remodeled or replaced by suitably scaled contemporaries. A mixture of new and older multifamily complexes is sprinkled throughout the busier corridors and streets. Houses in the North Loop sold for an average price of about $420,000, with the average cost for existing listings at $491,950, according to Zillow’s listing numbers. Not good, but better than those of a lot of newer central communities. Rentals still are pretty common in this area, with families, workers, and students renting both houses and apartments that average $1,561 a month. The present slew of locally adored bars and restaurants in North Loop’s stalwart quirkiness, along with both Austin homes for sale and 1 bedroom apartments for rent in austin tx, make this place a magnet for seekers of Austin’s authenticity.

Austin homes for sale in Cherrywood

With its winding streets, French place names, and gigantic shade trees, Cherrywood has a somewhat Southern vibe. Initially a hodgepodge of small neighborhoods constructed between the ‘30s and ‘50s, it all came together as a bona fide community in the ‘80s. You will find bungalows and additional wood-frame, small houses; Craftsman-style homes small and large; and 1- and 2-story stucco residences, many initially constructed for families of returning soldiers after WWII. The average house price in 2020 was $452,500.

Being situated directly east of the campus of the University of Texas, it is highly sought-after with students prepared to escape the area of the campus party scene yet still not be surrounded by authority figures who are uptight.

Austin homes for sale in North University

Prices of homes—with an average of roughly $409,000, although they may range up to the millions— still are affordable for the city, despite the convenience to downtown, University of Texas, and an abundance of local businesses. Besides the house styles located in Aldridge Place, Austin homes for sale in North University provides various small and mid-sized 1- and 2-story wood frame bungalows and houses, most of them Craftsman-style, in addition to historic homes that are substantial and beautiful without having to be grand.

These neighborhoods offer numerous things—good schools, affordability, amenities, walkability, new homes, character, old homes, etc.—and some neighborhoods are undiscovered diamonds that are not typically top of mind when someone imagines Austin. So, for young people and professionals, consider the aforementioned neighborhoods in Austin, TX.

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