The Differences Between Moon Pod and Yogibo

The Differences Between Moon Pod and Yogibo

There’s no doubt that bean bag chairs are extremely comfortable, especially when you just want to relax and watch a movie or play some video games. However, when it comes to Yogibo vs Moon Pod, it helps to know what sets them apart from each other so you can determine which chair is the right one for your needs. Both brands offer high quality bean bag chairs, so these differences will help you pick a winner in the battle of Yogibo vs Moon Pod.


Size does matter when it’s about choosing the right bean bag furniture. For instance, if you intend to use the bean bag for an entire family to enjoy at one time, you’ll want to purchase the Yogibo Max, which is supersized at 72 inches X 24 inches X 24 inches. If you’re just looking for a bean bag for an individual, the Moon Pod will work fine, at about four square feet in size. The longer, thinner Yogibo also works well as a body pillow, if you need support while you’re laying down.

Additionally, if you’re a taller or bigger person, the Yogibo Max will fit your body better. It doesn’t have a weight limit, while the Moon Pod’s weight limit is 300 pounds. This means that even very large people can enjoy the health benefits associated with a bean bag chair, particularly one like the Moon Pod and Yogibo. These specially designed bean bag chairs conform to the body and have no pressure points, making them support every body part from head to toe.


Both the Yogibo and Moon Pod are going to be comfortable, whether you sit or lie on one. However, the Moon Pod does not require a wall or other structure to lean against while you sit in it. It is self-supporting and will provide you with a backrest that you can sit back against without falling over. You can also use the Yogibo in a seated position, but if you want to relax back against the pillow, it will fall over. It needs to have a wall behind it to support the position.

In the “lay down position,” both products are comfortable and make great loungers. However, because the Yogibo Max is longer, your feet won’t dangle over the end. Every part of your body will be supported, which gives the Yogibo a slight advantage over the Moon Pod in this position. Either way, you’ll get that zero-gravity, floating feeling as you relax your body.


The prices of the Yogibo and Moon Pod may be the deciding factor, especially because the larger Yogibo is significantly less expensive than the Moon Pod. Both are made from high-quality materials and are durable, so you can let your kids use them without worrying they’re going to break open, so it really boils down to which one you prefer or need. If you weigh over 300 pounds or intend to have multiple people use the bean bag at one time that could add up to over 300 pounds, the Yogibo is the logical choice. However, if you intend to use the bean bag in a seated position while you read, game, or watch television, the Moon Pod may be the better option because you can use it in this position anywhere.


No matter which bean bag chair you choose, you’re going to be happy with the comfort aspect of your decision. If quality and price is your primary concern, though, go with the Yogibo, as you’ll get more product at a cheaper cost.

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