Best Places To Go While In Florida

Whether you’re planning a first trip to Florida or a fiftieth, you’re probably aware that there is more to the sunshine state than theme parks.

If you’re looking for some unusual to do in Florida, here are our top 7 picks:

#1 – Medieval Times

Visit Medieval Times, a world where you can feast on roast chicken, learn how to fight with a longsword, and even watch a jousting match.

Located in the middle of Orlando, Medieval Times can offer an insight into European life in the middle ages. It perfectly blends the educational and the fun, so you will find yourself learning without realizing it.

Perfect for all ages.

#2 – Crab Island

Visiting Crab Island is not to be missed if you love any of the following: boats, fishing, relaxing in the sun, and good food.

Crab Island is not actually an island (anymore), however, there is an underwater sandbar that is the perfect place to moor your boat and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf Coast.

If you don’t have a boat yourself, we recommend renting out and heading out to the beauty spot. If you’re a fan of fishing you may also want to rent yourself a few rods while you’re at it.

Perfect for all ages, kids may want to swim or fish.

#3 – The Spiegel grove

If you are a fan of diving, the Spiegel Grove is an unmissable trip.

In 2002 the old warship was taken out into the water and sunk. Since then the ship has become part of the seafloor. Many sea creatures and plants have made the ship their new home.

The ship sits upright and offers a unique diving experience, unreplicated across the world. The even better news is that part of the diving costs goes towards conserving the ship, the local area, and all the wildlife that lives there. Keeping the area safe and thriving for the generations to come.

Perfect for experienced divers.

#4 – Lion Country Safari park

The Lion Country Safari Park was America’s first drive-through safari park. It opened in 1967 and since that day has been offering visitors a chance to see some beautiful wildlife up close.

The park even offers private tours and encounter experiences if you want to get even closer to the animals.

The park can be found just west of Palm Beach and is home to over 1000 animals. They also have a waterpark, food court, and petting zoo. They have more than enough to keep you busy for a whole day.

Perfect for all ages.

#5 – Marco Island Golf Course

If you are a golf fan then it is very likely that you have heard about this 1000 island course. Also known as ‘The Rookery’, this course can be found settled in the middle wetlands near Naples.

This golf course and nature reserve offer some of the best views in the state, on top of being a world-class 18-hole golf course. It is not the most famous golf course in Florida, but it is very underrated and is definitely worth a visit.

It is also attached to a beautiful hotel and restaurant.

Perfect for golf and bird lovers.

#6  – The Speedway

If you’re looking for one of the most heart racing days out in Florida then you will find it at the Daytona International Speedway.

Not only can you spend the day watching one of the most exciting forms of motor racing, but the Speedway will let you bring your own drinks and snacks while you do so. We challenge you to not enjoy a day of Nascar racing.

This Speedway has been home to Nascar racing for over 50 years now and is truly a historical sporting location.

Perfect for everyone, sports fans, and novices alike.

#7 – Florida Aquarium (North, South, and Central)

Our final recommendation is to spend a day exploring at the Florida Aquarium. The Florida Aquarium has three main campuses – North, South, and Central.

All three locations celebrate the ocean and all of the life that it holds inside it. Unlike other water-related attractions, the Florida Aquarium puts a huge emphasis on conservation.

It is home to the famous Turtle Hospital, which nurses unwell and injured sea turtles so that they can be returned to the wild. They also offer swimming with sharks day, and the chance to meet Sting Rays.

Perfect for all ages, with all three campuses being worth the visit.

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