Pros & Cons Of MyCompanyWorks

Pros & Cons Of MyCompanyWorks


Generally, as an entrepreneur, starting up your own company is not the most exciting or pleasurable task as things can get really confusing and overwhelming pretty quickly. However, when you hire the services of the right LLC formation company, the worries about having to navigate through a great number of legal paperwork and other legal jargon as well as the red tape would be completely obliterated.

On the other hand, it should be stated that finding an LLC services provider that suits the needs and requirements of your business can also be quite tricky, especially with dozens of such services out there. To save you the stress and trouble, we’ve put together this comprehensive review of the reputable company MyCompanyWorks. Let’s take a look!

Having been in business for about 2 decades (since 2001), MyCompanyWorks (formerly MyNewCompany) has managed to build a stellar reputation for itself while being a relatively smaller player in the LLC formation industry. Over the years, it has been able to assist over sixty thousand (60,000) clients with top-notch LLC services as well as other kinds of corporations which makes them a very popular option amongst small business owners. Basically, what they do is review your data, complete the paperwork while also filing it as quickly as possible. In order to learn more about the company and make an informed decision moving forward, continue reading our in-depth evaluation.

Plan & Pricing

MyCompanyWorks offers 3 packages – Basic, Entrepreneur, and Complete.

  • The Basic Plan (79)

The basic plan includes just about everything needed by a startup plus more. These include the following:

  • Preparation and filing articles of organization;
  • Unlimited searches for name availability;
  • Individualized organizational minutes;
  • Tracking of online order and status updates;
  • Customized LLC operating agreement;
  • Same-business-day processing;
  • Auditing of order for compliance and spelling;
  • Unrestricted support via phone and email;
  • New LLC handbook;
  • Startup wizard;
  • Free company alerts;
  • Access to scanned online documents;
  • Lifetime access to my accounts;
  • E-book: Startup made simple. 
  • The Entrepreneur Package ($199)

As you would have expected, this package is a lot more costly than the basic package. What it offers includes everything you can get from the basic plan plus a couple of extras that will help your business grow in the long run. Each of these extra features can also be purchased separately. They include:

  • A Federal ID Number ($49);
  • LLC kit, seal, and member certificates ($69);
  • MyCompanyForms Lifetime Business Forms & Tax Guide ($39).

Looking critically at this package, it appears that the true value here is the option of a one-time payment for lifetime access to the company’s updated business forms as well as tax guide. The first (Federal Tax ID Number) is an option you can do without if you happen to possess a Social Security Number, while the second list (binders and certificates) are things that are in no way crucial to your goal.

  • The Complete Package (279)

As the name suggests, this package gives you all services required for your LLC business which automatically means that it also includes all features included in the two aforementioned packages. Basically, this package is simply the Entrepreneur package alongside a year of registered agent services. If you can afford it, we’d highly recommend you go for this package as you’re going to be provided with immense value for every penny spent.

Advantages Of MyCompanyWorks

  • Individuals who have experienced their services leave them excellent reviews on several platforms. Overall, in over 4000 online reviews, MyCompanyWorks possesses an almost perfect rating score ( A+ BBB rating)
  • With more than 60,000 LLCs formed, MyCompanyWorks has created a solid reputation renowned for tackling all LLC service needs.
  • The LLC formation company basic package of $79 includes a customized operating agreement as well as organizational minutes and compliance alert system which only a few of their rivals can match in their base-rate package.
  • With the consistency shown when it comes to returning most calls and emails within a couple of minutes (20 minutes or less) during business hours, MyCompanyWork clearly stands out with its exceptional customer support. Several other LLC service providers will often take a whole business day or even longer to attend to your needs or questions.
  • All MyCompanyWorks packages come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • They offer an interactive Startup Wizard which gives customers a detailed guide to the LLC formation process.
  • Regardless of the package selected, orders that are placed by 3:00 pm are usually attended to on the same day.
  • Company alerts. MyCompanyWorks will establish a helpful tool that you can use to monitor and keep track of your compliance deadlines. With this feature, you’ll never miss any crucial deadline.


  • Cost value. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the company. For instance, their basic package doesn’t really offer much, however, it still charges a fairly high price for the relatively small offerings. In comparison with other competitors, this is a major flaw.
  • While some of their competitors bundle in a full year of registered agent service, MyCompanyWorks only offers the service in their Complete Package.

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