The Ultimate Checklist for Expecting Parents

The Ultimate Checklist for Expecting Parents

New parents have a lot on their plates, be it the in-the-moment details of pregnancy or preparing for a new baby. Unfortunately, even as you prepare your registry and browse mommy blogs, it’s all too easy for essentials to slip through the cracks. You’ll learn to love to-do lists as a new mom or dad, and your new baby supplies are no exception. By checking off each essential item and customizing your baby registry and shopping list, you can turn to a resource like TrulyMama to find parent-approved options. With those options at hand, you can ensure you have everything you need for the moment your newborn makes their debut.

Feeding Supplies

There are pros and cons to bottle feeding and breastfeeding alike, but one thing is true of either option—you’ll need some supplies to have the best experience with either. So find the best bibs and burp cloths for your baby, a well-reviewed breast pump, baby bottles that meet your needs, and whatever other recommended items you’ll add to your registry or personal shopping list. You might browse some high chair options now, too.

Cute Clothing

Your baby will look cute no matter what they wear, of course, but picking out adorable baby clothes is one of the perks of parenthood. Find an assortment of onesies, booties, and other outfits for your newborn and as your baby grows. Remember: your friends and family members will likely surprise you with some, too! Be sure that you have baby-safe laundry detergent to clean these, too.

Personal Care

Like anyone, your newborn needs plenty of personal care products. Not the least of all, infants need lots of diapers! Stock up on disposable or cloth diapers and any related supplies you might need, like wipes, diaper rash cream, or a changing pad. You’ll also want to make sure your little one has a baby tub, towels, and sensitive soap, too. Other options for your wish list might include nail clippers, a bulb syringe, or a medicine spoon.

Bedtime Basics

Your little one will sleep for up to seventeen hours every day (though it might not seem like it when you aren’t getting enough sleep yourself). So make sure your newborn has whatever they need for those hours in the nursery, like a crib, blankets, and sleepwear. You might want to add a mobile over their crib, too, and a waterproof pad or mattress cover to protect the bed from any messes.

On-the-Go Gear

You might not go out with friends very often these days, but that doesn’t mean you’re sitting at home 24/7. Heading out into the world with infants requires some more must-haves, like a stroller, car seat, and diaper bag. You might also decide to invest in a baby monitor so that, when you’re on the go without your baby, you can still keep an eye on the little one. If this isn’t your first baby, you might already know the essentials. If not, a site like Truly Mama can give you all the recommendations you need to find everything you’ll need for your baby’s first year and beyond.

You might add many of these goodies to your registry or find that friends and family members surprise you with them come your baby shower. Of course, baby products come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention qualities and price ranges. However, the internet offers an easy way for new parents to connect with other new moms and dads and build the best baby registry possible. By comparing recommendations, studying reviews, and exchanging tips for parenthood, you’ll know just what to expect now that you’re expecting—and making sure you have a lot of options for all you’ll need to do and to buy before your baby’s arrival.

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