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How To Find The Best Room For Rent In Manhattan

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You can choose one of these options to better suit your needs.

Everyone wants to live in the big city of New York. And preferably, people all around the world would love to live in Manhattan.

Manhattan is like a city central for New York where the nightlife is always awake and business is always booming. If you’re a student, living in Manhattan can be particularly hard since rent here is pretty high.

However, if you work a part-time job or are a full-time freelancer, then living in Manhattan could be an option for you, if you know where to look for affordable spaces which offer good renting conditions. 

About Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the most populated areas in the United States. Although Manhattan is only an area of New York, a staggering population of 1.6 million people lives there.

No wonder this happens. This is the part of the city that has the wildlife and the bright lights that never turn off because you are in a city that never sleeps.

Living in Manhattan is a dream for most since every single year millions of tourists visit this place at all times of the year to try the food, to see the historical museums, and to visit cultural venues of all kinds.

For those of you who don’t know, many of the most recognized buildings in the history of New York are located in Manhattan. From the Empire State building to the Museum of Modern Art, to Times Square and Central Park.

All of these tourist attractions could be right at your doorstep if you decide to rent in Manhattan. Can you imagine how it would be like to live with a Times Square view on your window?

This is where the famous expression, “The City That Never Sleeps,” takes life.

Here you will find countless shops and restaurants of all classes that will accommodate you any time of the day and night.

What is Co-living?

Co-living, or differently known as house-sharing, is a trend that is growing more in big cities like New York. Co-living is basically, when a group of like-minded people, including strangers, come together at a living space for which they all pay together.

Coliving can be offered in apartment buildings or special coliving spaces around the city. Depending on your situation, you can share a two or three-bedroom apartment with two or even four roommates.

The shared areas are usually the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the dining area. However, there are bedrooms and private rooms that offer private bathrooms.

Co-living is different from the typically shared rent with a friend since a coliving space is usually fully furnished with all the necessities and you don’t have to sign a long lease. Most coliving spaces offer a minimum stay of one month for up to three months. You also have free access to the internet.

In the price of the rent, you pay you also get the cleaning service for the common areas and you might be lucky enough to find spaces that offer extra services like laundry. You don’t have to pay any bills since the coliving managers take care of all of that.

The typical people you will find in coliving spaces will be young people like students or freelancers, travelers, startup founders, and others.

Co-livings Spaces in Manhattan

Since Manhattan is such a highly famous location with everyone wanting to transfer here, this makes it also one of the most expensive places to live when it comes to renting.

Finding an affordable place to live in Manhattan is a notorious task. The most usual rooms you will get your hands on will be too small and cramped. However, this is an issue that is being solved lately by companies that are offering co-living spaces which are big enough for you not to get claustrophobic.

There are a lot of coliving spaces that are opening their doors to coliving in Manhattan that are allowing travelers from all around the world to safely live and work here.

Houses are affordable and you don’t have to hunt for rent or worry about not being able to fulfill a fixed long-term lease. Co-living spaces are available in almost every corner of New York City, Manhattan included.

A great thing about Manhattan is its connectedness allowing you to bike ride or walk from place to place. If you are looking to go further than Manhattan for any occasion you can use the Subway.

However, most co-living spaces and shops are close by and the most you would have to walk are just a couple of blocks away. To live in Manhattan is a lustful desire that many people wish to taste. If you are somewhat budget-conscious you can stick out to live here for good. You can search for more coliving options and find Manhattan rooms from SharedEasy.

Renting A Room In Manhattan

Coliving makes the process of finding a perfect room for you way more simple. There are different platforms that offer hosting in many of the top co-living venues in the city.

As a new resident, you can explore a variety of rooms online and the application process is short and easy and according to your needs.

Properties are high-quality and you don’t have to do all the work yourself in order to find trusted properties that have that perfect room for you. All of the co-living spaces offer furnished rooms with all the amenities. You also have the option to change from one spot of Manhattan to another at the end of your lease.

Popular Coliving Neighborhoods in City- Manhattan

Some of the most popular neighborhoods for coliving in Manhattan are Upper Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, East Harlem, West Village, Murray Hill, East Village, and Alphabet City.

Final Thoughts

Renting a house in Manhattan is a dream for most people. If you are a little wise, you can find a private or shared room in a coliving space somewhere near Times Square for which you can expect to pay up to $1,500 or $2,000.

Coliving spaces around the area will make it easier for you to find a place to live where you don’t have to pay any bills and get to meet people with the same interests as you.


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