4 facts to consider in an organic European formula

Organic production is a modern and high-tech production, carefully designed processes so as not to harm either nature or man, careful care of the animals. It is a fundamentally different approach than conventional farms. Animals on organic farms are kept untethered, in a modern livestock complex, fed a balanced natural feed of their own production.

In addition, the organic brand – is not only a quality natural product and good marketing, it is a philosophy that implies respect for the environment and human health. So…

What are they, European organic brands?

  1. Organic products are obtained as a result of European certified organic production, at all stages of which the use of chemically synthesized recipients (fertilizers, pesticides, technological impurities), ionizing radiation, growth regulators and stimulants, genetically modified organisms (GMO), antibiotics with prevention is prohibited, preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes
  2. In Europe, the production of all organic products begins with the certification of the land. Even if it is a dairy product or meat. Initially, organic status must get fields and pastures used for livestock. Cows, which give organic milk, must graze on grass, on which there are no pesticides, dioxides and other chemicals, which can then pass into milk or meat. The land must be certified as organic (2 years’ transition period from conventional crops).
  3. For food processing also have their own requirements. The production must use purely certified organic raw materials and special gentle technological regimes. If the company is engaged in the production of both organic and conventional products, there must necessarily be a clear distinction, whether in the space of a separate workshop or room, or whether in time, when first processing organic products and then conventional products. Prior to organic production in this case, the line must be cleaned so that there is no cross-contamination of the traditional product through the equipment and inventory.
  4. Only natural fertilizers such as biohumus and liquid biohumus (liquid drained from the solid part of the biohumus), infusions on various plants, compost, plant residues and organic certified biopreparations are used to grow organic products. Importantly, these natural fertilizers must also be made from organic products. With the protection against pests, everything is similar: infusions of ivy, onions, garlic, various citrus fruits, as well as certified biopreparations are used.

So, the European standards for organic baby food certification are among the best in the world. As a strict example of the perfect European formula is Hipp products like Dutch 2 formula. Their food is very nutritious and made without added preservatives and pesticides. You can have complete peace of mind when giving your baby Hipp formula.

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