5 Ways to Sleep Comfortable With Back Pain

5 Ways to Sleep Comfortable With Back Pain

Most people deal with back pain at some point in life. Whether you’ve experienced an injury, trauma, sickness, or physical change, there are many factors that can cause and influence back pain. Even poor posture while sitting or standing can lead to intense pain in the upper and lower back.

Back pain can be debilitating. Not only can it affect your day-to-day life, but it can even interrupt your sleep schedule. There are many ways to promote comfort and relief for back pain, from seeking medical treatment to using over-the-counter medications to relieve pain. However, promoting comfort while sleeping can be a challenge.

This guide breaks down how you can sleep comfortably with back pain thanks to Everlasting Comfort. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

1. Find the Best Sleeping Position

When it comes to sleeping comfortably, the position is everything. Whether you’re dealing with back pain, or simply experiencing slight discomfort at night, finding the right position to sleep in can make or break your night.

Your movements and changes in position can also affect your back pain says Vertos Medical Arizona. This makes it worse and potentially furthering the injury causing your pain. For instance, if you twist and turn in your sleep, you could damage your back more than it already is. Similarly, if you change into a position that harms your back or puts more pressure on it as you sleep, it could make your pain worse.

Which positions are best for back pain and which aren’t? Let’s break it down!

Sleeping positions on your back are excellent sleeping positions for those with back pain. Laying on your back, so long as you have a firm mattress, offers support for your back and prevents too much weight from pushing down on one spot. It also supports the proper curvature of your spine. This helps evenly distribute your body weight so your back can feel comfortable. You can use pillows to support your knee, lower back, or head however you like.

It’s important to avoid sleeping on your stomach as this doesn’t offer support for your spine’s curvature. Similarly, sleeping positions on your side can cause further damage to your back and won’t help soothe your pain. This is because sleeping on your side can put pressure on your back and promote improper curvature of your spine. If you’re experiencing back pain, try to avoid sleeping in this position altogether. If you find you can only get comfortable on your side, use a pillow in between your knees to help support your back.

2. Stretch and Practice Yoga

If you experience back pain throughout the night, stretching and practicing yoga may be able to help. Stretch your back to soothe tension and work your muscles and relax with soothing yoga routines. You can perform these before bed and when you wake up to promote back comfort!

3. Reduce Strain Throughout the Day

If you notice back pain at night that prevents you from falling asleep comfortably, it may be because you’re not taking care of your back throughout the day. Avoid as much strain as possible throughout the day, such as lifting heavy objects, bending over improperly, or sitting with poor posture. This can improve the natural support for your back and relieve pain.

4. Use a Seat Cushion

Using a seat cushion is an excellent way to relieve back pain and promote comfort while sleeping. What you do throughout the day influences how your back feels at night. So, it’s vital to take care of your posture and comfort during the day.
If you sit at a desk all day, your posture may be influencing your pain at night. Using our seat cushion with memory foam, cooling gel, and an ergonomic design can help take the pressure off your coccyx and tailbone as well as your back!

5. Invest in a Quality Mattress

Having a firm mattress that has the perfect amount of giving is the best way to take care of your back while you sleep. While high-quality mattresses tend to be expensive, the cost is well worth it for those who suffer from back pain!

Comfort that Lasts Day and Night

If you suffer from back pain, consider these tips and tricks for helping relieve your pain while you sleep. From practicing yoga, stretching, and taking care of your back during the day to investing in a better mattress and seat cushion, there are many ways to support comfort and soothe the pain. Get started today!

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