10 Tips to Improve Your Skin Health

Having happy and healthy skin can be quite easy for some but a lifelong battle for others. We all have different skin needs, and while there may be solutions for oily skin or dry skin, not everything works for everyone.

However, there are some skin care tips that we should all be practicing that will either fix your skin problems or put you on the path to healthy and clear skin. Here are ten tips for getting and managing healthy skin.

Daily Sunscreen

Many experts agree that applying sunscreen every day if you’re going to be outside is a must to prevent long-term sun damage. Whether you have sensitive skin or skin that can handle wear and tear, sunscreen will also help avoid potential skin cancer later on in life.


Getting enough sleep is a simple method to improve your skin health. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will look puffy and tired, whereas getting enough sleep will allow your skin to relax and recover, like the rest of your body.

Healthy Foods

A healthy diet will give you better skin at some point. Eating foods that aren’t high in sugar and refined carbs will give your skin the healthy nutrients it needs, whereas unhealthy food has been shown to age skin more rapidly, and it loses its elasticity sooner in life.

Drink Enough Water

Water is an absolutely essential part of any healthy diet, and it has its benefits for your skin too. Water helps to moisturize your skin and is particularly helpful during those times in the year when the weather is more extreme, whether it is too cold or too hot.

While there is no clear scientific evidence of water keeping your skin healthy, it is known that drinking too much soda or coffee, for instance, has adverse side effects. However, considering water is healthy for you, it is then certainly healthy for your skin.

Stress Relief

Stress has been shown to have an adverse effect on your skin. Studies have shown that people who experience high stress levels are more likely to have break-outs, suffer from dry and flakey skin, and an over-production of oils.

Stress relief, whether it be through exercise, meditation, or something simple like reading, will help you relax and take the stress out of your mind, body, and skin.

Cut Out Bad Habits

Habits such as drinking too much alcohol, eating too much fast food, and smoking can all negatively affect your skin in the short and long term. Smoking, in particular, has been shown to cause the skin to lose elasticity and cause you to age more rapidly. Simply put, if what you are consuming isn’t good for your insides, it will show on your skin.


If you only had to do one treatment to your skin every day, moisturizing should be it. Whether you have oily or dry skin, a moisturizer gives your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and give you a glow.

Avoid Harsh Products

There are numerous soaps and body washes that we use all the time that we like, but could also be having an adverse effect on your skin. The best course of action is to find and use fragrance-free products that are as natural as possible and don’t contain harsh components. While this will require some research, it will have tremendous long-term benefits.

Professional Care

When in doubt, seek professional advice and treatment. If you have problematic skin, such as being prone to breakouts or dryness, receiving regular professional treatments is useful. Skin Excellence Clinics are a good option. Skin care establishments also have access to products you can’t find in the shop or online, meaning you are more likely to find  something that works for you.

Have a Skin Care Routine

Finally, you should develop a skin care routine that you stick to every day. This can include cleansing and moisturizing and weekly exfoliating. A routine allows you to make time to look after your skin every day and keep you on top of any potential problems.

When it comes to looking after your skin, prevention is and always will be easier than fixing a problem. Having a skin care routine that you stick to is one of, if not the best, prevention methods out there.

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