Actions to Take after a Sideswipe Accident

Actions to Take after a Sideswipe Accident

Sideswipe accidents happen when the front of a car swipes the side of a different vehicle. Although such collisions may occur on any roadway, they are more prevalent on multi-lane interstate roadways. In this piece, we will explore your options after a sideswipe accident.

Why do side-wipe accidents occur?

Different reasons could cause a car to sideswipe another. But more often than not, such collisions happen due to negligence, driver error, and recklessness. Also, sideswipe accidents do not just cause property damage but also injuries. Note that the impact’s force to the side of the car may drive the vehicle to a different leading to multi-car pileups on highways.

What to do after a sideswipe accident

After suffering a sideswipe accident, here are a few things you should do:

Call for help

Even if you don’t see any injury on your body after an accident, you should document every accident detail. When you call the police, they will write a report which contains the details of what transpired. In some cases, officers may even apportion fault in the report to help ascertain who is liable.

Get medically evaluated

As soon as you get away from the accident scene, head straight to the doctor for a comprehensive checkup. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel pains immediately after the accident, checking yourself will help you know if you have suffered any injury.

Take photographs

Ensure you keep a record of everything that happened during the accident, which includes capturing pictures at the accident scene. Such photographs will help the attorney figure out what really occurred and know how best to handle the situation.

Leverage on your attorney

When the insurance companies reach out to you, quickly refer them to your lawyer. Note that the primary aim of insurance companies is to make as much money as they can and not to help the injured persons. Thus, admitting fault in whatever form can adversely affect your case and impact your ability to get compensated for your injuries. Ensure to contact a personal injury lawyer quickly so that they can deal with all correspondence with the insurance firm.

Ask questions

Place a call to your accident attorney to know if you are eligible to file for a personal injury claim. A good auto accident law firm will help you know what compensation is due to you and help you get it. If the accident in question was not your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay any associated costs. A competent attorney will help you get the best compensation deal.

Move on

Accidents don’t just affect you physically, and they also affect the victim psychologically. If you want to heal properly after an accident, you need to move on from experience. If necessary, you could speak to someone about the trauma as this could help you heal quicker.

If you have sustained an injury during a sideswipe accident, you should get legal help as quickly as possible. A competent law firm can help you follow through with the entire process before, during, and after the accident and help ensure you get the best deal.


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