Types of Commercial HVAC Systems for Your Business

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems for Your Business

A broken system can wreak havoc on efficiency and business activities. Have you ever had your air conditioner go down during a crucial meeting? Have you ever had a customer’s experience with your company ruined because of a clogged toilet? You rely on the amenities in your facility to assist you in creating an exceptional experience for your staff, clients, and consumers.

If you’ve already looked into an hvac service Henderson NV for repairs and have decided that the time has come to select a new, dependable HVAC system, you may be bewildered by the variety of alternatives available and the difficulty in determining which one is best suitable. Without further ado, let’s look at the various HVAC systems available to help pick the best for your business.

Single split systems

Single split systems are the most cost-effective HVAC systems and are ideal for usage in small business buildings. They are perfect for stores, server rooms, bistros, and small offices because they heat and cool specific rooms.

You may even mix and match them to serve larger regions or numerous rooms. The only disadvantage here is that every indoor unit must also have an outdoor unit. The following are some of the system’s benefits:

  • It is less costly than putting in a centralized system.
  • Because each system is self-contained, if one fails, the others will not be affected.
  • Cooling capability can be added in a one-to-one ratio as your company grows.
  • Despite being less costly, this system is extremely adaptable, productive, and energy-efficient.

Multiple split system

They’re comparable to single split systems in that they employ the same parts, but they’re distinct in one important way: they can link up to nine interior units to the outdoor gear. Another distinction is that these devices use technology to sense and regulate slight temperature variations. This uses less energy than a single heating/cooling system that turns on and off. Individual units are hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling, preserving outside space.


Variable refrigerant flow and Variable refrigerant volume are two terms for the same business HVAC system. This is an excellent HVAC option for medium to big industries such as hotels, workplaces, and retail stores.

Heat pumps and heat recovery are employed in VRF and VRV systems. Heat pump solutions allow a building to be heated or cooled, perfect for open-plan buildings. Heat recovery systems may deliver concurrent heating and cooling to multiple regions simultaneously, making them a good choice for a structure with multiple rooms.

Business HVAC systems that are energy efficient capture waste heat from throughout the complex and utilize it to heat water and other areas.

Key Takeaway

Seek help from commercial air conditioning services whether your company or commercial building requires a new HVAC system or if you merely require their expertise to inspect, fix, or help preserve your existing system.

Moreover, while learning about the various equipment is beneficial, you should eventually consult with a reputable HVAC firm to select a commercial HVAC system that meets your requirements.

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