Find Out the Best Pickleboard Paddles for Backshot Spins

Find Out the Best Pickleboard Paddles for Backshot Spins

Are you interested in learning pickleball, or can you already play it but would like to take your skills to the next level?

Pickleball has quickly grown to become one of the most popular sports in the US. And that is because it is suitable for beginners and seasoned players, does not have too many rules, and, most importantly, is very enjoyable.

A good pickle paddle is a must-have if you want to learn or make better backshot spins. However, once you start looking for the best paddle to create or add to your collection, the selection available can become quite confusing. There are a variety of pickle paddle designs, from polymer to graphite. So, it is almost impossible to know what to pick!

So, what is the best pickle board paddle to boost your backshot spin game? Before making your order here, read our quick guide to help you buy the best pickle board paddle for you.

Pick the Right Weight for You

The most important thing to look for is weight. Paddles come in different weight ranges, depending on how much you can handle comfortably.

Light paddles usually weigh anywhere between 6 and 7 pounds, sometimes lower. On the other hand, medium-weight paddles are more than 7 pounds but do not usually reach 9 pounds. The last weight range is heavy and starts at 8.5 and above.

So, which weight level is best? The answer depends on your style of play, experience, and, most importantly, your health and fitness.

So, if you’re starting, lighter and medium weight ranges might be a better option as you want to avoid injuries. Lightweights are also best for better maneuver and control. Heavier weights, however, require more experience but give you more power and make more resounding hits easy.

Ensure the Grip Size Will Fit Your Hand

Now the paddle’s weight alone is not the only thing determining comfort. You also have to consider the grip size. The circumference of the paddle’s handle should match your hand size.

If the size is too large, it will be hard to play, and you might get injured in the process, more so with continuous playtime. To avoid straining your wrist, shoulder, or elbow, you want to pick the right grip instead. You can measure your grip easily at home with a ruler. Just find the distance between the bottom crease in your plan to your ring finger.

Remember, a smaller grip can consistently be increased with an overgrip. But once it is large, there is nothing you can do.

Consider the Core and Face Material

The last important aspect to consider is the construction. Pickleboard paddles come in different materials for different purposes. For lightweight paddles, aluminum is usually preferred, as it combines strength with lightness. Many players prefer the signature Nomex Honeycomb Core paddles for power and speed.

However, polymer paddles are more common today because they blend all the good qualities. They are quieter, softer on the hand, and have a strong core.

The Bottom Line

Pickleball is one of the most enjoyable sports, whether you are playing for fun or competitively. So, if you enjoy the sport or would like to try it out, start by shopping for the best pickle board paddle.

While your budget sure matters, the highest-priced paddles are not always the best picks. Keep digging and looking deeper into the available selections to find various options for your preference.

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