4 Key Essential Qualities to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

4 Key Essential Qualities to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you get into trouble with the law, you need to make sure you can work with the attorney who represents you, as you might be facing some stiff penalties. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to find an attorney who has an excellent reputation in their field.

In turn, your choice of a lawyer must be based on their background, their success rate, and if they regularly try cases that are similar to yours. They need to show compassion and have a keen understanding of the local legal system.

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney: Making an Assessment

If you need legal assistance from a criminal defense attorney like Spodek Law Group, you need to make an informed decision. You can do this more quickly if you review the 4 top essential qualities a lawyer should have to represent and defend your case.

1. A Well-Regarded Legal Practitioner

You need to trust the lawyer who represents you and defends you for your charged offense. Therefore, they need to be well-regarded and respected in their field. To make sure you’re making the right choice, read the lawyer’s reviews online. What are people saying about them? What is their success rate – especially in defending legal cases like yours?

Also, a lawyer with a good reputation will be well versed in helping you navigate through the court system. They should be well known judicially. This advantage can advise you on how to plead and what to expect during arraignments or when setting bail.

2. A Knowledgeable Legal Professional

Does the attorney have direct knowledge about your type of case? Naturally, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who has more experience defending theft cases when you’ve been charged with fraud.

Therefore, you need to review the list of services a law firm features. Learn more about the attorney’s knowledge in defending clients charged with your offense. Be as specific as possible.

For example, there are different types of fraud that attorneys defend. If you’ve been charged with tax fraud, you want to retain the services of a lawyer who is well-acquainted with this defense.

3. An Empathetic Legal Advisor

It is also essential to choose a lawyer who can empathize with your situation. They do not have the experience. However, they should still be able to empathize with you and what you may be going through. They should be a good listener – someone who will allow you to express yourself confidently and comfortably.

4. A Professional Confidante

You need to establish a legal relationship – one that allows you to confide in your lawyer so you can develop a defense strategy. Therefore, your communications between you and your attorney should be as clear and honest as they are private. Your attorney should live by an ethical code that places the client first.

Make Sure You and Your Lawyer are On the Same Page

Make sure your attorney is on the same page regarding your defense. To experience the best possible outcome, your attorney should have an excellent legal reputation, possess direct knowledge about your type of legal case, be a good listener, and follow a  code that is both ethical and professional.

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