Three of the Best Cities to Live in Florida

Three of the Best Cities to Live in Florida

Whether you’re looking for a place near the beach, close to a golf course, or just down the road from a magnificent shopping area, Florida has a town or city for you. Many people consider Florida to be a vacation or retirement destination only. In fact, the Sunshine State has many cities that offer something for everyone. Here are three of the best options to illustrate the variety of locations you’ll find in this great state, but many more options are available to suit any lifestyle.


Destin is in the Florida panhandle and is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay so beaches are available on all sides of town. This town is smaller and enjoys a quiet fishing and beach vibe. While home price averages may be higher than many other cities in Florida, the town does boast a lower crime rate and small-town friendly feel. For other price considerations, you may check out Florida car insurance rates by county as well as local real estate taxes. Don’t assume that it is significantly colder just because Destin is in the northern part of the state. Destin boasts a warmer climate for much of the year and is still a popular Spring Break destination.

Palm Valley

North Florida boasts the headquarters of the PGA Tour in the city of Palm Valley. If that’s not enough incentive for those die-hard golfers out there, Palm Valley is also the home of the Players Championship Golf Course. In general, you’ll find a golf course in the vicinity of any neighborhood in Florida. But if you’re looking to be right in the middle of the action, Palm Valley is the place to be. On top of that, the town also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the county. So if you accidentally leave your car unlocked with your golf clubs in the back, you probably won’t lose them. Again, the cost of living may be a little higher here, but you may compare insurance rates and taxes as well.


Venice is a great city in southern Florida that has a little bit for everyone. Located in Sarasota County, retirees enjoy this area for its quaint charm, and families like it for the variety of activities that this coastal town has to offer. While the beach is nearby, Venice’s historic downtown district boasts amazing shopping opportunities for people from all walks of life. The town is growing but manages to maintain a small-town atmosphere that appeals to couples, families, and retirees alike.

As with many states, Florida boasts a variety of cities and neighborhoods that cater to many portions of the population. Whether you’re just starting a family, looking to enjoy the single life, or contemplating a place to retire, the towns and cities of Florida have something for everyone. Miles of beaches, championship golf courses, and fabulous shopping areas are available in many areas. The cost of living varies by area, as is evidenced by insurance rates and local taxes, and the average age of residents can also vary greatly. But regardless of what your dream neighborhood looks like, there’s probably a town or city in Florida that has it!

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