How to Fight Back Against Aging Skin

How to Fight Back Against Aging Skin

Once past the age of thirty, it seems as if the human body stops bouncing back against adversity quite as well as it used to. It becomes harder to battle the physical effects of a late night, a bad diet, or a stressful situation with each passing year. The largest organ of the body, your skin, is one of the biggest giveaways for your age and circumstances. You can accurately guess someone’s age from seeing their skin alone. The skin loses elasticity, tone, and hydration as the years go by. There are some ways to fight back, though; below is a battle plan you can take on board to regain the skin of your youth.


Not shocking, your diet is clearly going to have huge impacts on your entire body, including your skin. Swapping out junk and sugary foods for more fish, plant-based proteins, and fruits with high water content will provide you with essential antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. Drinking plenty of water is also key, which is extremely important in providing the body with a healthy elasticity.


Exercise is always good for the mind, body, and soul, and as the aging process progresses, it is important not to waiver in your exercise routine. Not only will this benefit your skin, but as you grow older, you also lose muscle mass, so it is essential to do exercise to prevent falls and impaired function. A recent study showed that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective exercise style against aging. This increasingly popular exercise plan involves intense training for a set number of minutes, followed by a brief period of rest, and then repeated. There are several boot camps and trainers that you can follow to get into this routine.


Taking a break from sunbathing is important to sustaining your skin’s youthful tone and texture. You want to avoid being the leathery old lady with a strange tone of patchy orange and brown. Wear sunscreen regularly, even when you may think it is not that sunny, and use a sun hat more often.


Getting into the habit of having a good skincare routine is important to replenish your skin of its diminishing nutrients. Several distinct products on offer provide studied and tested effective creams and serums for affordable prices. Many products help specific facial issues, both caused by anti-aging and other issues like acne and dermatological conditions. For example, Murad offers a rapid dark spot corrector that offers the ability to reduce dark patches on the skin using ingredients such as glycolic acid.


Getting a good amount of sleep in a regular routine is, of course, going to be beneficial to your entire body and your mental state. Many studies have found that the way you sleep can also impact your skin. Sleeping on your face or side can cause line impressions to appear on your face and neck. Sleeping on your back is best, although it might make you snore more. Sacrifices must be made for youthful skin…

Fighting the natural aging process is going to be tough, but with a good mix of the above, you have a good chance of pushing back some of the years ahead.

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