4 Reasons Why Oakridge Care Center Might Be Ideal For Your Loved One

4 Reasons Why Oakridge Care Center Might Be Ideal For Your Loved One

There’s no doubt that your loved one can no longer live alone. That means finding a place that is comfortable and provides the level of support needed. For those seeking an assisted living facility, looking into what the Oakridge Care Center has to offer is a good idea. Here are a few reasons to check it out.

Just the Right Amount of Help

While your loved one can manage many things, there are some tasks that are no longer easy to manage. The nice thing about this facility is that the staff can help with whatever your loved one needs.

If that means help remembering to take medications on time, someone is there. When bathing is someone difficult, a staff member can provide the support needed. If getting dressed for the day is not as easy as it once was, someone is on hand to help.

Plenty of Things to Do

While there’s the chance to have quiet time when your loved one wants, there are also plenty of group activities to enjoy. That includes celebrations for birthdays and holidays, card and board games, movies to watch, and other things to do on site with other residents.

There are also planned trips to enjoy. With staff on hand to provide help, residents can go into town for movies, shopping, enjoying meals at restaurants, and other planned activities. All your loved one has to do is sign up, settle in for the ride, and enjoy the trip.

Residents are Respected

In years past, you’ve heard of facilities where residents were ignored, treated badly, and in general did not receive the care they deserved. That’s not something you have to be concerned about at Oakridge Care Center. Each resident is respected and valued.

Before anyone joins the staff, evaluations of skills and thorough background checks take place. You can rest assured that the people who take care of your loved one are professionals who bring the right mix of professionalism, compassion, and integrity to the job.

Access to Fresh Air and Sunshine

The setting ensures that your loved one has pleasant surroundings inside and outside. All the common areas are comfortable and inviting. When it comes to the outdoors, there are areas set up that make it easy for residents to enjoy the sunshine in fresh air during nice weather.

The staff understands how being able to spend time outdoors can be good for residents physically and mentally. While residents are free to enjoy the grounds as they like, staff are always nearby to help if the need arises. That provides a degree of security and comfort to you as well as to your loved one.

Before making any decision, why not bring your loved one to the facility and take a look? Talk with the staff and take a tour of everything. Learn more about the activities offered as well as the type of help that is offered. What you are likely to find is that this would be a place where your loved one can feel independent while receiving the amount of help needed, make some new friends, and in general enjoy their days.

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