What Are The Best Jobs In The Sports Industry?

What Are The Best Jobs In The Sports Industry?

Being in the sports industry can be a lot of fun especially if you get to know famous players. For some people, they are their heroes, and you get to work with them on a daily basis. This also gives you a lot of advantages considering that you have some information many people don’t.

It’s a common thing for employees to use their position to take pictures or autographs from the players. Some sign up to the best online casino and bet on their favorite team, but for some positions, it’s not allowed to do so. So, if you like gambling, choose wisely which career is the best for you in sports.

Scout Or Coach

Coaches don’t earn a lot if they are not in the top leagues of their sport, but it’s quite an easy job if you love it. An average salary is just over $40K but some of the most popular coaches have over $150K per week in football.

Coaches can do scouts’ jobs but for more professional teams there are multiple scouts that will visit their competition or teams from lower leagues to find potential talent. The amount they make will depend on how efficiently they do their job, but it can get you pretty wealthy if you are on the top.

Athletic Trainer

The average pay for athletic trainers is a bit higher compared to coaches but it’s far more requested by the teams. It’s hard to find a great trainer that will put the team in the best possible condition. That’s why some teams pay a fortune to bring the most educated personnel that will make each player get in their best shape.

One of the fields they are experts in is sports medicine which is responsible for injury prevention. Your goal would be to educate players on how to work efficiently without any risks of injury and how to behave towards their bodies.

Club Manager

If you don’t like to work with players but you love sports and running a business, becoming a manager is the right job for you. You will be responsible for getting sponsorships and increasing the yearly budget through many sources.

It’s a very important job where the whole team depends on you without having any information about what you do. The other roles like athletic and exercise trainers are constantly with players while you are working behind the scenes.

Sports Analyst

This is one of the best-paid jobs when you look at the average salary which is just over $90K. It’s the youngest type of job in sports especially nowadays when we have all types of technology that collects data. Some of the information you work with will be the crucial point in deciding which player will be picked for the team.

Baseball was the first sport that made sports analysts important because statistics and analytics were crucial for each team. It’s also very hard to learn because there are multiple programs you will be working with and you need to be good with math.

But, there are many advantages of working as an analyst like large bonuses, having important information, meeting the club leaders, etc. As an analyst, you are allowed to gamble, so you can use your knowledge for other purposes.

Club Director

The manager and director have a similar job but the director has a better salary which can reach over $200K depending on the team. You will be responsible for organizing the right team that will lead the club. It will be up to you when a certain big decision needs to be made like finding a new coach or manager.

The role of a director requires a very dedicated and stable person that knows to work under pressure. Scheduling games and making fast decisions can be very stressful but the feeling when you win becomes even better. Education is a must for this role so it’s not something you decide to do after being a trainer.

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